SIms3: Legacy Challenge, A strange turn of events

I had a dilly of a time trying to get my third generation going. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING seemed to be working. Ranni, my founder sim, and her husband, Conner, took care of the second generation by having six kids. Two of their kids, Eddie and his sister, Ethel, were competing to see which one could get the third generation started. Eddie fell in love with Bella Bachelor and it was a beautiful relationship, both very nurturing and passionate, totally in love with each other. Then out of the blue one day Bella morphed into an old woman! She’d lied to him about her age but, as they say, it catches up with you. Stunned, he started romancing a fairy named Holly (he didn’t originally know she was a fairy but after many a phone chat, he was hooked). This courtship went faster and better than the one with Bella but she refused to allow him to do more than ‘go steady’.

Ethel found a real winner in Demond. She’s madly in love with him, swooning all over herself when he’s near. He, on the other hand, likes to spend their dates begging for money from her siblings and often calls her oldest sister, Ezra, and asks her out on dates. The family does NOT like him but she sees only rainbows in his eyes. She wants to marry him but, like with Eddie’s women, he won’t even consider letting Ethel ask for his hand in marriage.

Many hours I tried to get one of these siblings married off, every single night from last Thursday to Sunday. Wasn’t happening. I finally hit Google to see if I could find an answer to my frustration. And I did. I’d completely forgotten that you can’t have more than eight sims in a household and thanks to Ranni being so darn fertile, I had exactly eight. ARG!


Ranni and Conner both were elderly and Conner had been at the end of his life for what felt like for_evah! He was such a dirtball dude I was looking forward to him dying. Which, is probably why he didn’t. Just kept going like a creaky old and slow battery-powered bunny. Their kids were starting to have birthdays again, going from ‘young adult’ to ‘adult’ and I was getting super worried my game was going to end before I could get a third generation born.

Then it happened!

Ranni, my founder sim, came home from work and got back to work on her latest sci-fi novel when she suddenly passed on. Just, died. It was an emotional scene (I’ve never let a sim of mine die, outside of the time I built a tremendous graveyard of sim guys for my black widow sim) and when the pet dog, Ursala, started mourning with the saddest cry I’ve ever heard, I may have shed a tear as well. It wasn’t supposed to be Ranni first, Conner was supposed to die!

And he did less than 48 hours later. He was still in mourning for Ranni when he passed. How (bitter) sweet, in more ways than one! See?



Tha’s right folks. The camera auto-zoomed in on Ethel to announce she was pregnant with my third generation sim a SPLIT FREAKING SECOND before it auto-zoomed in on Conner, her father, because he stepped out of the shower and died! Oh, it was just too much! It happened so fast I got the announcement about Ethel as I watched her father turn into a ghost.

Still, ever the opportunist, I was excited for Ethel and my game progress. Her pregnancy went well and she delivered Evie, a daughter, in no time. Excited, I decided to save my game real quick because I didn’t want anything to happen to make me lose all this glorious progress. I really liked these sims, with the exception of Conner, and was so proud of how well they worked as a family, how fast they sailed through each career rung, how dedicated they were to everything they did. A definite ‘must save as often as possible’ game of Sims.

Only, the game crashed while it was saving my progress. Great, I thought, going to have to get her pregnant again. I save anytime something big happens, like when a baby is born or a toddler is potty trained or someone earns a raise. I don’t want to lose anything! Worried about the possibility of having lost the baby I decided to write a blog post on how awesome my Moonbeam family was. I changed my mind and took a shower first and then sat down to blog my little heart out. One of the things I wanted to show you guys was their house. I’d added on a TON but hadn’t checked to see the value of the property so I started my game back up to find out.

It’s like my legacy sim family never existed. Like I never created them and hadn’t spent way too much time over the last three weeks (I think?) loving them and nurturing them and building them into awesome successes. It’s just gone.



So I’ve started over because I really want to see this through, I’m helplessly addicted to playing Sims3 right now and I want what I had back. I’m calling this go round “Moonbeam Legacy 2.0” and you know what? It’s going a bit faster and easier than the first go round. I’m learning from   the numerous mistakes I made and getting things done with less effort. I changed one thing about Ranni this time, though. I made her hair a bit shorter. I wanted to start out working on finding her a husband right off the bat and as I was creating her I decided the first male sim that wasn’t an old man who showed up in her relationship panel would have to do. Guess who it was?

Good old Conner Frio. Again. Only this time he’s loving and seems to want to be in a relationship. He’s still a loner and still screams at the kids (they had twins, Ezra and Eddie) but he’s all round a nicer guy.  I gave the new Ranni the same lifetime wish as the first Ranni, the one to raise five kids to teenagers, because I want to recreate what I had in the first game. And because I’m crazy! I don’t plan on having six kids, however, even though eight adult incomes was a very, very, VERY sweet deal! ‘Least, I’m not planning that right now.

My next goal is to get their kids to school age so she can have another. Wish me luck!


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  1. Good luck! Though I do think it sucks you lost all that progress! Love reading your adventures.

  2. That sucks but, good luck. I am sure this go ’round will be twenty times better.

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