Sims 3: Legacy Challenge

I’ve heard of the “Legacy Challenge” but had no interest in trying it until I started reading about Stargrace’s adventures with her Legacy sims. She’s made it sound down right interesting so I decided to give it a go. I’m not keeping points but I am adhering to the rules and what a challenge it’s become! I started the Moonbeam household with just one sim, a female named Ranni (I know, I’m so original!) and thanks to reading Stargrace’s struggle with having enough income for her sim versus ability to provide for the needs of her sim, I opted to not build a house on the lot. Instead I bought the cheapest bed available and got her a job in the Journalism track and sent her off to work. The first few days she lived off of hotdogs via the local swimming pool or park and talked to the locals or played games in the public pool with other sims to keep her mood up. It worked, too, as she started advancing in her career path rather nicely.

Another boost I gave Ranni was the love of the outdoors trait, something that helped her LOVE her humble abode.



It was ROUGH goings at first but being that she’s a Journalist/Aspiring Writer, having the bookcase brought her just as much joy as playing ‘hold your breath’ at the public swimming pool. What worked against Ranni was my having the Supernatural expansion pack. Freaking zombies! I had to move her to the safety of four walls and did so as soon as she could swing it. Which, if you didn’t know, you can NOT use the money cheats when playing the Legacy challenge. Talk about HARSH!



It may not look like much but to Ranni, it was awesome! No more did she have to stay in bed and pretend to be asleep to keep from being attacked by the juggling zombies in her yard. Her lifetime achievement wish was to be surrounded by her family. That wish can’t be fulfilled until she’s managed to raise five kids from babies to teenagers.

People. I don’t know why I chose that for her. I think I’m either getting senile in my 42 years of age or I’m just stupid. Gotta be one of the two.

You can’t use the rosebud cheat (or the other one, forget what it’s called) for money doing this challenge so WHY did I opt to raise a large family??? And to make it even better, the one sim Ranni FINALLY was able to have a relationship with, fall in love and get married, was a total douchebag. He left his old man lover (seriously, the young “hot” sim she married was the boytoy of some old rich coot in town … you know it was just for the money, though, he didn’t bring much of anything to the household other than the old man’s cat and a tiny bit of dosh) to marry Ranni. Conner, her husband, is a loner (whoo hoo for winning the large family trait lottery!) and yells at the babies when they cry.

Yes, this challenge is very challenging.

Luckily he started coming around on the idea of kids and him being a father by the time the second set of twins was born. That brought the total of kids in the house to six. That’s six as in one more than five or, as I like to say, five to many! It’s been a serious pain taking care of the kids, keeping the house clean, going to work, … Oh, who am I kidding? They went three days with puddles in the floor because their cheap toilet and sink kept breaking. And the smell emanating from the potty chair turns everyone’s stomach so much so, the school age kids have taken to dumping their toddler siblings poo in the trash without being asked.



Job performance was taking a serious blow so I decided to hire an overnight babysitter (had two sets of twins and a toddler at the time) so Ranni and Conner could get a full nights sleep. I’d been alternating them on taking days off also because you can’t just leave babies unattended while you’re at work and that wasn’t helping with the income, stress levels or jobs. Now I have a babysitter during the day and a maid. Since both are back to doing well at work they can afford it. (and I no longer have to try and figure out which baby is which, where they are and who just pooped their diaper when a  babysitter is on the lot!) (also, thanks for the minor panic attack, Maxis, on allowing toddler sims to play INSIDE the toy box … thought one of my kids had been abducted or something)

I think my last two toddlers will ding the school-age birthdays the next time I play. I don’t throw parties for any of them so I have to wait until the game ages them for me. Ranni gave birth to most of her kids at night so it’s not uncommon to see her exhausted as she climbs out of bed to go set a kid in the floor so they can ‘age-up’. I know I’m complaining a lot about the level of difficulty I’ve experienced but do understand I LOVE THIS CHALLENGE! It’s going on 2:30AM here and I’m super tempted to fire up the game and see my toddlers (Ranni’s toddlers) morph into kids. It’s addictive, both the play and the challenge.

Go, get your Sim on. It’s fun!


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