Rift and LotRO: Underwater adventures and (un)Epic dinging

Usually my posts are game specific and I’ll put the name of the game into the title of my post. This one is about Rift and LotRO and I’m confused as to how to title it. Oh, the problems that come with being a blogger!

I am still having a LOT of fun in Rift! I had a blue item in my inventory that I think came from the housing (dimension) quest giver that was worth over a platinum, maybe over two plat. I sold that sucker and bought a mount! I have no idea what it was for as it didn’t appear to do anything but, who cares! I have a mount! Hmm. I was going to put a picture of my mount here but apparently I didn’t take a screen shot. Oh wells. It’s the chestnut horse and it’s purty!

Ship wreck!

Ship wreck!

I did the quests for this wrecked ship, the Endeavor, last night. I think I saw something that said the quest to defend the ship was a daily but I’m not sure. That’s the problem with having too much fun … sometimes you think you see something and figure you’ll go back and check, only, you forget because FUN! I’M HAVING FUN! WOOOOOT! Anyway. One of the quests had me manning the ships weaponry to fight off the Storm Legion troops and ships. I REALLY liked that. There are three different types of cannons and whatnot, one type on each deck, and each type is for a different enemy ship/soldier/flying sea-horse looking thing (forget what that was called). You bring the weapons system on-line which takes you into a first person shooter kind of cam view, click where you want the ammo to land and then fire away. You’re timed on each weapon but if you don’t kill off the necessary amount of enemies during your session you can just start another session. When you’ve killed however many you have to kill you can either keep shooting or right-click and exit back to your character and normal view.

The second quest for the ship had me diving down under water to collect containers of goods the ship lost when it wrecked. That’s one thing I like about GW2, the ability to swim and fight under water. Very glad to see the same mechanics in Rift.


Check this out. Cyril here is the leader of … the Ascendents? Or is it just the Guardians? Wow, I really need to pay better attention. Either way, he’s an important dude. So important he has his own personal stylist on call at all times incase a hair gets out-of-place. Or a hottie comes to visit. Dunno, but I thought his having a stylist was funny.  I think I logged out after reaching level 14, an amazing feat given how much I’ve died the last two times I’ve played. Anyone else all too familiar with this scene?



My son and his wife are playing also. He was in the beta but hasn’t played in a while. When he said last night that he hadn’t died yet I may have called him an ugly name. BUT! He’s only level 11 so far. There’s still time!!!

So ... epic ...

So … epic …


Ollena, my Guardian in LotRO, managed to hit max level in THE MOST UNEPIC WAY POSSIBLE! I went to turn in a quest during the anniversary event to get two more pickaxes when it happened. If I’d known I was that close to hitting 85 I would have left the event and found something big and ugly to kill. You know, make it feel worthy. Still, I’m happy she’s capped and am working on Hytbold dailies. My faction reputations in Rohan are so low I currently have 170 Hytbold tokens in her wallet. What I need to do is quest the areas more to open up more Hytbold rebuild quests but, well, life is busy and there’s Rift to play! Arg.

I want to have Poldora, my Lore-Master, up to 85 before the next expansion goes live. She’s level 67 and working Galtrev at the moment. I have to do all the Epics on her as she’s the original Ranni (had to change her name when I transferred her to Landroval) that I’ve had since SoA open beta. She was my main character before I fell in love with Condi, my Captain. I need more time! ‘Course, more time means more Rift, too, but I’ll get to Poldora soon enough.


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  1. Welcome to Rift, Ranni. Eabha here. I’ve been playing/subbing Rift since Beta as well. Sadly, we are no longer playing LotRO (honestly, I hated the new expansion and the way the store was run). For moment I’ll continue my sub with Rift but if I feel it’s going the LotRO FTP way, I’m out. Welcome to Rift though. Maybe we’ll see you around.

  2. I’d been wondering if you guys were still playing. I’m certainly not happy with the implementation of quite a few ‘new’ things but overall I still love the game. That said, I’m really digging Rift, too! I have claimed a couple of daily freebies in Rift but don’t know anything about the store outside of that.


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