Rift: Telara Bound

I applied for the closed beta tests for Rift but never got in. Or, so I thought. I have VIP beta status according to my Trion account but I don’t recall ever seeing an invite. Weird, no? Anyway,  I decided to give it a try now that it’s F2P after reading Syp’s The Great Bio Break Break Quest over the weekend. I knew that Goldenstar had started a casual guild for fellow CSTMers and figured I’d join the guild and play a little, talk to friends and maybe get in the game once a week or so. I didn’t expect to love it but thought it’d be neat if nothing else.

O.M.G. I’ve just spent the last seven hours playing Rift and I totally love it!

Excitement on the horizon!

Excitement on the horizon!

And yes, I’m a little embarrassed that I played that long. So embarrassed I wont’ mention the hour I’d spent earlier in the day making it a total of eight hours played. Thanks, Raptr.

Anyway, I ignored my house and everything in it and sat here at my desk (I did take game breaks) and Rifted my little heart out! It’s new and that rocked. It’s fun! I fished!! I talked with fellow LotRO/Twitter friends! I FINALLY figured out how to get to my house! I helped seal several rifts! I died! A LOT! And, in that vein, I also learned not to try and solo a rift. Eepers. I realized when you see a group of people running, if you run with them they’ll probably lead you right to a rift that needs sealing. I say probably as I got in with a group that grew in number as we ran across the land to go kill a spider. We melted the heck out of that spider, then stood around looking at each other like, ‘what now?’ … ‘Twas kind of funny.


What I don’t get is this. Why is Rift so much more fun than Guild Wars 2? I was so much more excited for GW2 than I was for Rift yet, when I play GW2, it’s kind of ‘meh’ for me. I feel lost, not connected, overwhelmed. Rift didn’t make me feel that way at all. GW2 is supposed to be the ultimate game, a game-changer, if you will. It hasn’t grabbed me yet and even when I’m really wanting to log in, I don’t stay long because it feels more fun in my head than it does on my screen. Personal preference, no doubt, but because I’m so ‘meh’ on GW2, I really wasn’t expecting to be this excited over Rift.



I decided I really want a mount. It’s going to take me for_evah to earn one but, it’s something I must do! People were flying past me on spiders, turtles, horses, … all sorts of mounts in Rift and I’ve never felt slower! Plus, they just look like fun. Someone in chat said questing in Rift is horrible for the OCD types as there are just so many quests. I agree and feel the same way about KoA:Reckoning. Massive amount of quests! It certainly makes things more interesting, though, having so much to do. I made it to level 11 tonight and am anxious to level again. Don’t know when I’ll get my next chance to log in as tomorrow (Tuesday) is a major chore day for me, especially after ignoring the house today, and Wednesday is pretty busy as well. Maybe by Thursday? We’ll see.

I’m playing on Faeblight as Ranni. Add me to your friends list if that’s your shard and give me a yell if you see me on. But only if you can handle me asking dumb questions … I has lots of them at the moment! (don’t EVEN ask how long it took me to figure out how to attach lure to my fishing pole … even after reading the instructions I still did it wrong repeatedly)


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  1. Woohoo! 8 hours is nothing to be embarrassed about! =) And that’s a great looking steed, where did you get it from?

    • The steed isn’t mine. I had a quest to go and cleanse a shadowtouched horse and bring it back to the stable to aid in the war effort. Think I was still in the intro instance. It is beautiful, tho, isn’t it?

  2. Hey, look, I was in your raid!!

    I couldn’t agree more – just started playing Rift 2 days ago and it’s a blast. Have tried 2 different toons in GW2 and can’t get any traction. I do think a good guild makes a big difference, but there’s also something about the gameplay. I, too, find myself looking around going “um…what now?” in GW2. It feels very non-social for an online game.Anyway, looking forward to learning my way around the..um…Rifts? 🙂

  3. hey, good luck with your adventures in Telara. I’m on Faeblight too and you can add me, Couillon (60 cleric), to your friends list. Just wait till you discover dimensions. I wish Turbine could do something like that….who wouldn’t want to build a house in Rivendell or Lothlorien?

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