The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

When a most awesome friend gifted me this game, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, via Steam, I was excited! I didn’t know then how precious little game time I had in my future and, a couple of weeks ago, I finally whined talked to my husband about how much I wanted to just sit down and play this game. Months later I can finally say I’ve finished the game!! Woot! Now I want another Sherlock game.


My favorite genre has always been crime/mystery/thriller (I lump them all together) and since I was a little girl, I’ve loved playing the role of detective. This game does not disappoint! The graphics are wonderfully done in 3-D and you can switch back and forth between three different camera views to look around and see more of the world you’re walking through. Richly colored backdrops come to life with the bustle of a busy street corner. The sound effects are perfect from the sounds of your heels clicking against the cobblestone to the low murmur of a street market, growing in volume as you get closer. The voice overs are lovely and believable. The only problem I had was looking at the characters mouths move while listening to the voice overs. They don’t match. In any stretch of the imagination. Like, they didn’t even try to make it appear as if the characters were mouthing words. Looked more like one of those Howdy-Doody ventriloquist dolls my brother had as a kid when the characters animated the voice over. So I made sure not to look directly at the character faces and all was well.

The story, I found, to be well told and easy to follow. I didn’t realize just how invested into the story I was until I reached a very drastic turn in the story and found myself angry. I knew what was going on but I still felt the shock and upset at this sudden plot twist. The graphics helped to bring about the emotional reaction as they are rather vivid. And gory at times. Matter of fact, my first encounter with a fully gored-up-murder was surprise. Well done, Frogwares! So much so I wouldn’t recommend this game for children. Stunning attention to detail in the crime scenes.

I may have felt sorry for myself some, having a game I really wanted to dig my teeth into (hahaha) and not having the time to do so. However, this wasn’t such a bad thing because I had to pull up a walkthrough for a few of the many MANY puzzles in this game. I also had to turn the controls over to my husband to solve one of the puzzles as the more I tried, the more I fried zee ole’ brain cells. Holy cow at the difficulty level with some of them! Most were fun, however, and not too hard to figure out. The hardest puzzles leave you feeling very accomplished once you’ve sorted them out and are a good mix of puzzle types so as not to become boring or over done.

Since I played this game through Steam I was able to unlock badges (achievements). There are 32 such achievements and once I’d finished the game, my celebratory chair-dance came to a grinding halt when I saw that I’d missed one. I remember getting the option to blackmail someone (the badge I missed out on) but at the time, there was so much … well, the story goes out of its way to point a certain finger that doesn’t bode well with the memory of the characters I grew up with and I purposely decided NOT to use the blackmail option because I wanted to redeem the character I was playing at that time (you control three different characters at different points throughout the story). At least, a little. So I lost a badge.



I’d give this game four and a half out of five stars easy. If a few of the puzzles hadn’t been so incredibly hard and the mouths on the characters appeared to be speaking something (rather than the ventriloquist up and down thing) I’d go for a full five stars. I’m going to open Steam and look at the other titles in the Sherlock Holmes set and watch for a sale. Would love to play another!


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