Wii U: Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is coming!!

I am so incredibly excited at this announcement!! The Donkey Kong games are my favorites and I’m already asking for this as an early Christmas present (because I want it when it releases … maybe November?). Polygon did a write up on the upcoming addition to my beloved ape and after reading it, I so want to pay it now. Right now! I would gladly ignore my chores one more day in favor of running through a frozen jungle catching bananas, stomping on walruses and shooting myself into the unknown via the barrel runs. WHEE!

Here’s a link to the gameplay trailer on Youtube. Total awesome sauce!

My first pick is always Donkey Kong but I also enjoy playing with Diddy Kong. Tropical Freeze is bringing back Dixie Kong’s pony tail attack and maybe this time I’ll enjoy playing her. My kids always have but so far, I’ve only used her when I had to. The demo the folks at Polygon played was packed with the hidden treasures and mini games that, for me, really set this game apart from its counterparts. I mean, I love me some Mario but DK has always had that top spot in my heart and when comparing the two, I’ve always felt the DK games brought more to the table than straight up ‘here’s your quest, go get that objective’. You’d expect a monkey to stop and fool around a little bit anyway, right?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a Tropical Freeze filled winter and if I was any good at decorating (with treats, icing, that sort of thing), I’d throw a little DK release party. Though, making plans for the kids to be otherwise occupied would guarantee me gaming time with the tv and Wii U. Hmm …


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  1. Alex: There’s not a whole lot to say – it’s more Donkey Kong Country, and it does away with a number of the annoyances from the last game, like “blowing,” which has been replaced with a button-based “pluck” mechanic that pulls up stuff from the ground, as well as adding in requested features like underwater levels. Encore games for well-received greats are always nice to see, and this one looks to be trying to stick to the DKC feel without letting the series grow stale.

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