LotRO: I was flat wrong about Moria

Scoop that poop!

Scoop that poop!

I knew Moria had gotten a revamp but I didn’t hold any hope of it being enjoyable. Moria is dark, dank and dusty, full of long dimly lit halls, deadly cliffs and tons of Gredbyg. I hate those things! I was excited to get started on Moria so I could do enough to put it behind me. I won’t lie. The only section I was looking forward to was The Waterworks as I’ve always loved questing such a dramatically built area. Matter of fact, it was The Waterworks that first caused me to spend ALL NIGHT LONG running around in Moria (when it was new) just to look at stuff! I’d gone to the Chamber of Crossroads and went to cut across to talk to Bosi when I fell down the well. The well I didn’t realize was a well. I felt that drop in my stomach! When I saw what was at the other end of that well (after a trip to the rez circle of course) I spent the next five or six hours doing nothing but running around every square inch of Moria. When I was done every piece of gear I had equipped was red as I was, if I remember correctly, a level 51? Anyway, I had a blast that night exploring.

Guess what? I’ve had a blast questing on Ollena in Moria. I can’t believe I’ve written those words but it’s true. Moria used to feel like, to me, it was a bunch of bits strung together in a most uncohesive way. It was confusing, the areas didn’t feel like they led into the next area (no logical progression), the lighting was horrible and the run back and forth between quest-giving NPC and quest-objective was intense at times. That’s all a thing of the past! Woot! They’ve added a LOT of smaller outposts and split the quests up between main hub and mini hub in most areas. There are more travel goats available, though I’ve found I haven’t needed very many of them, and there’s a goat in the 21st Hall that takes you right to the Orc Watch even if you’ve never been. How is THAT for amazeballs!

The reworking of the quests make more sense now. Some quests were merged, some were changed a bit and some are new. Least, I think some are new. I’ve never fully quested Moria because I was so quick to start hating it so I may be doing some now that I’ve just never done. Because I’m questing out each area. That’s a first!


I did find the 21st Hall to be confusing however. I’m so used to running in and grabbing a bunch of rings and then goating away to do a few of them before I cancel and head out of the door at the First Hall. Very different now as the 21st feels much more “central” to Moria operations and with the new mini hubs (or small outposts) you’re led away from the 21st to pick up quests. The changes didn’t just confuse me, they’ve confused Lyting the Guardian Trainer as well. If you look in the screenshot about halfway down the text you’ll see him say “… I would never go into Moria myself …” yet there he stands, in the 21st Hall, deep in the heart of Moria. Silly Dwarf! Maybe he’s still celebrating with the Foreman!



There was one revamped quest that I flat didn’t like. The Waterworks quest for “A New Gear” used to have you go talk to a dwarf in the Rotting Cellar to obtain the needed gear. Now you run through that maze by the quest giver and the maze of tunnels is still FULL of different worms that aggro on you (unless they’re grey to you). I was killing my way there but after awhile I thought, ‘Screw this, I’m just going to run for it‘. I literally died so close to the gear I needed I could have licked it. Too much aggro! I like the old version of that quest better.  OH! And speaking of The Waterworks, I got my Lizzard Leggings (reward at the end of a long lizzard quest chain) and wore them like a BOSS!


Yes, I was really running around Moria dressed like that! I blame it on dying so close to that gear piece. I’ve since found a way to rock the leggings a bit better. It’s not the best look (so many competing patterns) but it works better than the Christmas suit. I was thinking a solid color top would look best but, really, the pants clash with themselves to start with so why bother. Heh.





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  1. I am so jealous about you and your attitude towards Moria. I do hate this region, hate everything excep warm and inviting 21st Hall where I am surrounded by my folks – Dwarves, with lovely cosey Forge and Vault.
    Everything else is a miss. Quests with no entrance or no exit. “Single person” quest that requires eliminating: 12 orc recruits, 4 (at least!) orc veterans and some 2 orc elites so that nobody spawns when the last is killed and then kiiling one named Orc so that while I fight him nobody spawns. For lvl.85 – easy. For lvl.55 – impossible even with all buffs, bracing attacks etc I used. And I can’t say anything positive about Moria, except that some areas have enough Khazad bronze and tin.
    Anyway, good luck for you if you find this region to be good 😐

    • I’m playing a Guardian in Overpower … they rock. I have died a couple times against a mob or too many mobs but usually it’s from running off cliffs or something equally silly. The single person quests I’ve gotten used to but I remember being outraged when they first started those (was it Enedwaith when they put so many in?) because I was always grouped for questing.

      Back before Minstrels got so strong I ran my first Minstrel through Moria. The experience was so HORRIBLE (tact damage was broken at the time) I wound up deleting her at level 58. The recent revamps fixed a lot of the flow for me and I really have had a much better Moria experience all way round. Wouldn’t mind seeing a revamp on the Moria Epics, though. Some of those quests still stink.

  2. I absolutely love the new Moria – it’s quicker, easier to get around in, and the quests are more interesting and spaced better (to my mind at least). I ran a minstrel through there about a year ago, way before they did these changes, and that was a horror show by comparison. I think I was in there for 2 months, getting lost constantly, getting bogged down by stuff, dragging my way through things.

  3. This would be the easiest solution. Just have it auto-complete, then everyone gets credit for helping someone out, and there’s always incentive to do so. They could even allow the quest to not have a cooldown, but acquirable every time, especially with how few classes actually need to do the quests nowadays.

    • Class quests? They do auto-complete now once you do the run up quests, least in the way that you get your legendary. Had so much fun on my LM and Captain running the Moria instances a few years ago. Would love to see more folks calling for them but hard to find groups to do them now.

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