LotRO: Clearing my desktop of screenies

I was looking through my screenshot folder the other day and found a TON of them that left me scratching my head wondering what I’d wanted that particular screenshot for. Ever do that? Hit the print-screen button and then wonder what possessed you to take so many shots of … nothing? /Sigh I do have a few on my desktop that I took, cut or saved and gave a name to so I’m going to post them today. Some are just goofball shots, like this one.

Ever wanted to roll a giant?

Ever wanted to roll a giant?

She’s my Lore-Master formally known as “Original Ranni”. Can you imagine how big her Ent (skill) would be?? Made me remember the gags in Farmer Maggots Mushroom field that could shrink or grow you HUGE, depending on which mushroom it was you grabbed.

This one of Gasi, not sure why I wanted it. Assuming it’s because I find it funny how serious he looks lugging that chest from Ost Forod to Tinnidur.

With a huff, and a puff, ...

With a huff, and a puff, …

Oh, and Condi finished Hytbold. Not sure I posted about that when it happened but the screenshot has been on my desktop for what feels like 88 bazillion years.

You *WILL* bow to me now!

You *WILL* bow to me now!

I’ve been playing LotRO for YEARS! I was here before the game released even and I *just* noticed the other day that these goblins in the North Downs are NOT called Stonecold. Every time I’ve ever fought these goblins I’ve always thought about Stone Cold Steve Austin and it’s pumped me up! Now I feel a little silly.

I R crazy

I R crazy

This is Ollena’s skirmish soldier, formally known as Willie. He’s since taken the name of Dopey because he worked so darn hard to earn it.

Warriour soldiers have pathing issues sometimes.

Whew. Now I can throw these into my bloggy folder for backups and get them off my desktop!


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