LotRO: Stuck between ‘Look how far I’ve come’ and ‘OMG, could you hurry it up???’

Ollena the Guardian is currently level 49 and sitting in Aughaire waiting for me to log in so she can start V1 Bk6 and deed Angmar. I took a long look at her virtues a couple of days ago and decided that even though she had a few at or near rank 8, they weren’t the best ones to slot. I am so old I have a bad case of CRS and, so, have forgotten what her virtues were but they’re now slotted with Innocence, Discipline, Charity, Honour and Zeal. I remember way back when everyone I inspected had Valour slotted. Well, most everyone anyway.

My point is now all of her virtues are low. LOW! I like to start Moria with them all at rank 8 (or super close) so I’m back to deeding. I’m still in the “I HATE DEEDING” state of mind but it needs to be done, otherwise I’ll pick at it, jumping back to lower levels to deed a little here and there and then back to whatever map I’m working, getting very little of anything done. I don’t like choppy gaming! I haven’t started Mirobel with Ollena yet but she’s otherwise quested all of Eregion. I figure this is the best time to go back and work those deeds up so she won’t feel ashamed for walking into the Halls of Khazad-dûm so grossly under-prepared. Squishy and majestic should not ever be put together, after all.

It’s not very exciting, though, deeding, and is making that feeling of being stuck between all she’s accomplished so far and wanting to be level 85 already that much worse. I’m excited to start Moria. I always am! BUT, I know from past experience that around the time I hit 21st Hall I’ll be running for the backdoor (the front door, actually, as it’s the entrance in the 1st Hall) (thanks @Inge Loots !) like the Balrog is on my tail, wanting to breath the fresh air, feel the sun on my chain-mail and leave the years worth of dust build up behind me as I gallop towards the yellow trees of Lothlorien. Happens. Every. Time. I don’t think I’ve ever completely quested Moria out.

And now I’m thinking about the dragonet deed and I’m bummed again. /Sigh

I’ll feel better once her virtue ranks are up so deed I must! I also want a horse that’s faster than the 62% mount I’m using but the only one Ollena seems to want is the Steed of the Guardian which, of course, isn’t in the store right now. Don’t really have the points anyway if I want to get RoR on that account, but still. I want the option of getting her that horse.  Looks like I already have the Dusky Nimblefoot Goat and since Moria is approaching just over the horizon, suppose I should just stick with that mount for now. Stinks being all practical sometimes.




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