LotRO: Deep Breath doesn’t let me Stamp more. /pouts

I’ve been doing Trollshaw quests and Epic Book 4 on my Guardian. Other than my Inspiration running out when I was in the middle of a troll cave, fighting a troll, I haven’t had a single problem and have had a lot of fun. When Inspiration ran out (and I realized what was going on) I ran back for the cave entrance. I was literally about to zone through it when I died. HA! How’s that for funny? Those trolls mean business!

Ollena, my Guardian, was 11k from hitting level 42 when I started the instance with Legolas for Book 4. I figured I’d breeze right through the instance and I did! Up until the last boss, that is. I want to say the fight went over 45 minutes but it may have been closer to 30. (felt like HOURS!) I held aggro pretty good but Legolas did get caught in a bit of AoE damage, and if I was stunned Taushalch would turn and stomp him a bit. My damage on the boss was fine but his healing? OHMYWORD was it awful. I couldn’t get him under 6k health for what he didn’t heal himself again. At one point he’d healed himself back up to over 17k health. Stamp, my interrupt, has a minute cooldown (I think) and there were times the boss was healing himself again before the cooldown had even reached the halfway point again. When Legolas finally died I’m sure it was from sheer exhaustion, and I’m also sure I was glad. Glad to be failing the instance so I could get the heck out of there!

And bring Captain Condi in to help me!

Once I had Condi in with me I put Ollena on follow and fought with Condi and her war herald, Grumpy. Talk about super fast! I had planned on needing to use Ollena’s Stamp along with Condi’s Kick and her stun-scream but Condi killed the boss in, I dunno, a minute maybe? Condi is an 85, mind you, but wow. I’m certainly not complaining, I just wish I’d remembered Taushalch had crazy epic healing skills and brought her in from the start.

Things I learned tonight:

  • Condi still rocks my socks off.
  • Damage type on a weapon can make all the difference.
  • Ollena and Dopey, her skirmish soldier, are not very good at the Amon Sul skirmish.
  • I really need to stop leveling Ollena and work on her deeds! Especially the legendary books!
  • Deep Breath does NOT renew the Stamp skill.
  • Pages for the legendary books drop in some of the skirmishes. (Icy Cravasse?)
  • Ollena really needs potions for wound removal (to name just one).
  • Ollena almost never really needs power potions, unless she’s locked in epic battles with self-healing troll bosses.
  • I still haven’t figured out which virtues are best for a Guardian.

Oh, and I learned this when I got Condi logged in tonight.

Twins! Almost.

Twins! Almost.

I love the look of this armour and have worn it on Condi ever since she first got it. I don’t like it as much on Ollena because it makes me think of Condi. Ollena needs her own look! Plus, Condi wears it better. 😛

If I get time to play tomorrow (later today, actually) I’ll start Epic Book 5 and Misty Mountains on Ollena. Hoping for lots of page drops there.


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