LotRO: Guardians are a TON OF FUN!

Ranni the Wimpy Hunter is dead to me. Well, not exactly, but darn if she doesn’t spend more time running from the Circle of Death and waiting out dread than she does leveling up. Let more than two mobs get on her and BAM! Instant trip back to the Circle for the Wimpy. She needs help in a bad way and until she gets it, she’s a lady in waiting. Meaning, I’ve shelved her for now. What to do, though?

I’ll tell you what I did. I rolled a Guardian on my other account and am working her up to Ranni the Weaksauce Hunter’s level. Once my Guardian is on level with Ranni she’ll either drag Ranni behind her or I’ll have a family member help me run her around while I do most of the work on my Guardian. I don’t see any other choice right now as every time I try and play Ranni the Dying Hunter I get so frustrated I just log out. It’s not fun.

Guardians, however, are a BUTTLOAD of FUN!

I think I started this Guardian on Monday. My plan was to have her at level 40 in a week and I just might make it. Right now I’ve finished all the pre-quests for Garth Agarwen, hit level 34 and have only the GA location deed, troll and bog prowler deeds to finish (haven’t flipped them yet … not even close). I’ve deeded Bree and The Shire out, all but the Barrows Down instance deeds (spiders, wights and whatever else is there) as I want to make sure I build this character with the right choices in virtues. I should probably look up what virtues are best for Guardians, no?

I do all her skirmishes daily, flying through them in record time, going so fast I first thought I’d missed half the skirmishes. Not even Captain Condi goes through them this fast. I’d love to say I haven’t died but I have a couple of times. The first time I was level 22 and doing the tree deed in the Olde Forest while holding my ‘I’m-going-to-hit-so-many-buttons-on-your-keyboard-and-rip-your-mouse-out-from-under-your-hand-so-you’ll-die’ grandbaby. I’d given her my Bilbo figurine to play with but she found that if she held his little hairy Hobbit feet she could use him as an extension of her arm and bang more keys with his big head. Did not work to distract her from my keyboard one iota! The second time I just pulled too many mobs. Typical.

I really want to do GA with her as it’ll help with the Hillman Racial deed (gives a boost to BPE) but I’m afraid to group with others, especially people I don’t know. Mouse clicking on mobs isn’t the easiest sometimes as my bad eye has gotten a lot worse. I’ve grouped with folks on my Minstrel (eons ago) and killed them because I lost my cursor and couldn’t hit the heals in time. Would hate to do that with my Guardian. She’s pretty tough but … I dunno. I’ve never used the keybinds for my skills as my keyboard was always stuck under my desk (my keyboard tray doesn’t always pull out). I’ve recently started playing a game where I needed to use a lot of keys to move around and loot so I freed my trusty keyboard and put it back on my desktop. May try using my keyboard for fighting.  (which probably means ‘watch and see how many times I can kill my guard’)

I’ve been running in Overpower since  I hit level 30. NICE! Thanks to the AH I’ve got armour that, for the most part, looks good together. When I was just wearing quest rewards, whoo_doggies, it looked a little ridiculous. See?

Quest reward gear. Aren't I purty?

Quest reward gear. Aren’t I purty?

Before I got that chest piece I was upset that my shoulder guards were the funky purple ones. Jinxed myself. While looking through the armour choices on the AH I checked out cosmetics and saw a dress I REALLY WANT! Sells for over 6 gold on the AH, however, as it’s a lootbox dress. (tattered?) Not paying that for it. Gasi Stynkrbottom has the cloak from that set and it’s so ugly it really suits him. The dress, though, WOW. I likes it!

I’m unsure where to go with her tomorrow. I don’t want to do Evendim as I’m doing that on Gasi. I don’t even like the North Downs but need to start Epic Book 3. Speaking of, I had no intentions of doing the books on this character or clearing my deed log but I’ve had so much fun with her, I want to do everything. How crazy is that? I know what’s coming. Why on earth would I put myself through ALL OF THAT AGAIN?? It’s cause I’m a special kind of crazy. Certifiable. We’ll see how far I get with the Epics.

Anyway, thinking of hitting Trollshaws since I’m right there by it. I tried to quest Trollshaws on my first Lore-Master way too soon. Made me hate the zone (like it was the zone’s fault) but that shouldn’t be a problem this time. Seems like everything is geared for solo-play now anyway and she’s rocking it so far. Think between skirmishes and questing I should be able to hit 40 Sunday, easy. No clue when I’ll have her ready to help Ranni the Dimwit Hunter but that’s the plan. Really want Ranni at level cap but only because I gave her the name Ranni. That means I can’t just delete her. Plus, I’ve put too much blood (from banging my head on the desk), sweat (really works it up running from the rez circle all the time) and tears (*#!%^) into her to NOT level her up.


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  1. I play my Dwarven Guardian Thamaili Blackshield (Thamaili Schwarzschild in German) since Christmas 2008 and never regretted it. Dwarves are mostly like me (I like Smoking – sometimes, singing – wrong ^^ , drinking Beer and telling Tales of Heroes ^^)

    Most Encounters for small Groups I can do solo so I don’t-have-to-cry-for-my-Mama-everyday and I also got no Problem in finding Groups. Also you can often help the Classes that tend do die faster (don’t know if it is THAT bad with the Hunter Class, because I never played a Hunter for longer than a few Levels in Lotro)

    A small little Video of my Dwarf from 2009 🙂

    Have Fun playing your Guardian 🙂

    cu, Alex

    • Oh, nice story in the video.

      My Hunter really is THAT weak. My first Hunter was so OP it was crazy but that was years ago. Might be what makes Ranni the Hunter hurt so much more, lol. Am loving my Guardian, though!

  2. Yeah, I sympathize about the hunter thing – finally got mine to level 51 and that was after a ton of horror; they just don’t do well in melee, not at ALL, no precious:( So I’ve been running her with my husband’s minstrel for the most part, and that seems to do fairly well (because he can heal, lol).

    Guardians, though – wow yeah! I started one over on Landroval just for a supplies person (well, and maybe tanking sometimes on the rare occasions I feel like it), and she’s gotten almost to 30 in the course of 5 days (for me, that’s a record). Blasts through skirmishes, all that stuff. It’s awesome.

    • They used to be so powerful it didn’t matter that they weren’t so hot at melee. I don’t remember thinking melee was this hard either now that I think about it.

      My Guardian … she rocks for the most part. Think I ran into server issues last night (kept dying in skirmishes that I normally sail through and got booted from the server once or twice). My only complaint specific to the guard class is the long cooldown on Stamp. About to post about that in a few. Was a major problem for me tonight.

      Will tell ya, getting to 40 in a week is nice but I feel so behind on deeds. Think I need to stop leveling and catch up!

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