LotRO: Hytbold Assistant Plugin

One of my Twitter buddies tweeted that thanks to the Hytbold Assistant Plugin they were able to see they only had x amount of days left on the dailies to rebuild Hytbold. I was intrigued to say the least and set out to find this plugin, see what it did.


Amaze. Balls!

Since I’d already done some of the dailies on Condi I had to use my deed log to check off all the Hytbold building deeds I’d already completed to get credit in the Hytbold Assistant plugin as it can’t access your deed log for you. It didn’t take long and was super simple to do.



I’d like to pause and explain what I endured to get these screenshots. I have a grandbaby who lives with us and today she was SUPER fussy. Couldn’t-put-her-down fussy. I’d logged into game thinking I was going to play for a bit but quickly realized she had other ideas. It’s hard to game with her in my lap as she grabs EVERYTHING in sight before you can say ‘no’. I decided, after trying to play, to just grab these screenshots so I could write this post up and call it good. I was about halfway through with the screenshots when all of a sudden my leg was very cold and wet. Extremely wet. The coffee I’d forgotten about (which is why it was cold) was within her reach and she grabbed the cup and dumped the whole thing on her and myself. When you hear people talk about the pitfalls of blogging, that’s one of them.

Anyway, all of the rebuild deeds are displayed in a very easy to read and understand format. You click on the name of the deed and they open up to show what all you need to finish that particular deed.



Here you can see where I’ve finished parts of this deed but not the entire thing. You can scroll within the deed or all of the deeds to see more information. You can also see exactly what you need to complete for a specific piece of armour as well as how much reputation is needed to open access to the rebuilding deeds/quests. The top right corner of the window has a circle icon, picture of armour. Clicking on that icon opens the Hytbold Assistant Armoury.



It auto-opened the Captain sets for me but, as you can see above, I can click on any class and browse through the armour sets and tell what I need to do in order to attain each piece. How cool is that? I didn’t think to check and see if the armour pieces have a mouse-over menu for stats so I’ll log in and check that now. Hang on.




Galuhad, I love thee! (he’s the plugin author) I can’t think of anything else I’d even want in this plugin that could make my rebuilding Hytbold life easier. I can’t recommend it enough, either. I’m a little sad that I still have 19 days to go to finish rebuilding but knowing it’s only 19 more days is much better than A) trying to figure it out myself just by using my deed log and the chart on the forums and B) just assuming it’ll be over soon, not having a clue how long soon will take. Now I’m curious as to what other plugins could enhance my game and make me this happy ….


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  1. Thank you for posting this! I have no idea what the whole re-building thing is all about yet, as I’m still only at the “Here you go, have a Warsteed *runsaway*” stage. That and the twins gravitating towards my computer, whenever I sit down to it. (I know exactly how you feel!) This will be invaluable to me though, when I get there. Seems like without it, it’s a bit of a nightmare.

  2. I have never used any of the LUA plugins but this looks kind of neat. I always have notepads at my desk for taking notes, which is where my ‘what I need to do for this armour’ list is at. As for completely rebuilding Hytbold, I just follow the rings on my map. 😛

  3. I love the new Bree too – so does all of MY kin lol; when it came out it was all they could talk about for days. Rightly so. Amazing job, I think. One thing I’m not too thrilled about is apparently this year Turbine’s going to be letting us see Smaug and the sacking of Dale – but it seems only in raid form. I’d have preferred an instance, or maybe add something to the Epic Questline (hell, Tolkien put appendices in, after all…). But Bree is awesome, and what little I’ve yet seen of the newer Isengard/RoR areas (with my lvl 63 doofy elf) is pretty spectacular too.

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