LotRO: I love the new Bree!

I’ve been sick (flu, ugh) and wanted to do something fun that didn’t require much thought on my part so I logged into LotRO Tuesday to run Condi through her dailies. I did the five Hytbold dailies and decided against going after warbands as I kept hitting this funky … lag, maybe, where I’d run around in frantic circles when using Spur On (autobot fighting skill so-t0-speak for the Warsteed). Every few mobs it would happen again. The marker for the mob I had on target would blink on and off on the radar and when that happened, my horse ran around in full on panic (from the looks of it) unable to attack anything. I’d have to toggle the Spur On (is that what it’s called?) skill off, come to a complete stop, toggle it back on and then pick a new mob to start over before I could fight again. Total weirdness!

And frustrating.

Once I’d turned in my five on Condi I logged her out and decided to check my other characters, see where they were questing, what they needed, blah blah blah. I logged into Gasi Stynkrbottom first and wanted to move him back to the Lone Lands. His map was set to Hobbiton (why??) so he ported there and took a slow horse to Bree. I’d forgotten they were doing a graphical revamp on Bree and once Gasi arrived at the West Stables, I have to say I was taken aback. I LOVE IT! I ran around looking at the new buildings, looking behind them, ran up to the ruins that, if you jump off the cliff, land you not far from the Pony. I’m so happy to see townsfolk milling about in the outdoors of Bree again! It was never this cool, the way it is now, but a long time ago there weren’t as many indoor areas for Breetown. Most things/vendors/NPCs were outside and it was cool. They moved them in, especially the crafting areas, to help with lag in Bree best I recall. I remember some Old Timers kin who would march single file around Bree near (old timers) supper time just to be funny. The lag was so horrific you could barely move what with all the NPCs outside, everyone (and their brother!) hanging out in Bree as it used to be THE place to go and then the long single file line of hungry Old Timers walking through town. Anyway, I’m so happy to see the new Breetown I could just hug someone.

I didn’t notice if they named this particular area or not but I’m calling it Wash Row. I love that they borrowed from … was it Stangard or Harwick where you see someone washing dogs in the big tubs? Or maybe it was in Dunland, around the bog area? Dunno, but in Bree they’re not just washing the dogs but also their laundry. Cool as all get out!


Wash dem doggies!


The children running around playing? Awesome! Bree needs a slice of fun and games to head off the doom and gloom. Why can’t we click on the townsfolk, though? I was hoping to see names for the children but couldn’t even click on them. I suppose it helps reduce lag in some way (assuming anyway) but it would be so nice if each kid had a name like the ones in Harwick. The couple sitting together on the bench near the ghost in South Bree was a nice touch as well. I was hoping to find a way to join the guard patrolling on top of Town Hall but I didn’t immediately see one. Oh, and the areas that lead to Combe and Staddle? Holy cow I love them! Adds a LOT of life to the city!

Still want to know who Jasmine is and why she has a garden.

The dwarves playing Jacks made me chuckle. I forget where I saw them but I found a dwarf sitting on the back of a cart looking awfully perturbed as some Bree lady talked his ears off. Too cute! Back home we have a very poor section of town and it’s nicknamed ‘Tent City’. The tent city in Beggars Alley was spot on! I was super glad to see I didn’t get stuck on the top step at the Oldstone Ruins. Forget how long we’ve been waiting for that to be fixed. I had so many favorites I couldn’t possible list them all. Gasi, however, found his favorite spot super quick and I had to threaten him to get him to move on so I could see more of the new Breetown.

What an ego!

What an ego!


He stopped to admire his reflection in every mirror he saw! Thank goodness there aren’t any iPhones with front facing cameras in Middle Earth else he’d never have time for Orc hunting! He did have a second favorite and very nearly got himself kicked out of Breetown for it!

That Dawn lady wants his head on a block!

That Dawn lady wants his head on a block!

He kept opening all the jail cells and taunting the prisoners.  The guard, Dawn whats-her-face, scolded each prisoner and Gasi repeatedly before finally promising Gasi bodily harm if he opened the cell doors one more time. He promised to behave for the rest of the day and she appeared to accept his apology. I don’t think she caught on to him emphasizing ‘today’ though. Let’s hope she’s as forgiving come tomorrow.




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  1. I’m so glad that you wrote this post. My other half noticed the changes in Bree a couple of days ago. Because we’ve been away from the game for a fair few months, (really not fond of the warsteed by the way), he thought he was hallucinating. Now that I know it was a graphical re-vamp, I’ll be taking Lilandrael through there. Or, I may just even start playing that LM stuck in Comb at Level 6!

  2. Haha, I bet he did. That’s one of the things I like about GW2, seeing so many people going about their chores/duties whatever, it really adds to the overall feeling of life in the game.

    Warsteeds take getting used to, I just wish the lag wasn’t so bad on them. They can be a lot of fun when you’re not slingshotting around the place.

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