Christmas was pretty good game wise

Ok, so it was actually REALLY good game wise. Here’s a picture of the new games Santa bought us for Christmas.

Seriously sweet loot!

Seriously sweet loot!

Santa not only brought us six new Xbox360 games, but also a Wii U! I immediately put in a request for Zombie U for my birthday (it’s fast approaching) though I later said I’d like a grinder so I can make my own flour. So we’ll see what happens. Heh.

NintendoLand has been a hit with all of my kids. It’s billed as having a theme park atmosphere and it really does. There’s something for everyone! I’ve only played a few of the games so far, those being Donkey Kong’s Crash Course (tragically exploding ALL over the place), Yoshi’s Fruit Cart (fun little time waster that I currently hold the highest score in) and Balloon Trip Breeze (Spawned straight from the gates of Hell. I hate that game! Keep getting my balloons popped.) I really want to play Luigi’s Ghost Mansion but I’ve yet to have time to play when anyone else wants to play, and that game requires at least two players. I also want Super Mario Brothers U just because I love Mario. I read some pretty ugly reviews, people upset that there isn’t really anything new in the game other than the use of the gamepad. That’s fine with me as it’s been so long since I played it’d be somewhat new to me.

If they put Donkey Kong Country out for Wii U, I’ll use grocery money to go get that sucker and won’t shed a single tear of guilt when I feed the family bologna sandwiches for a fifth night in a row.

Seriously. I LOVE Donkey Kong!

My daughter-n-law was playing some dancing game on the Wii U when all of a sudden we noticed two of my sons Miis were being featured as they danced together on the big jumbo tron kind of screen in the background. Too cute! One of my boys was playing a game when the enemy picked up my Mii and tossed me into a volcano. No, he didn’t mourn my death. The only thing I don’t like about the Wii U (other than that balloon game. GRRR!) is that my kids rearrange the living room when they play Pikman Adventures. They use the gamepad and walk around the room while playing, often turning in circles with the gamepad up in the air. If they’d put my furniture back it wouldn’t be an issue.

Other than wanting more games for the Wii U, I really should be set for a very long time. I took advantage of a Steam sale and bought Oblivion and Morrowind for pc, too. So many games … need more time to play!

It may be Metroid Blast where they rearrange my furniture. Started wondering if I named the right game after I clicked Publish …


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  1. Dunno about most of these – though I’d heard Luigi’s Mansion wasn’t too great too – but I do like Morrowind for PC (once I get past the mousemovement business). Am very curious to see what they do with Elder Scrolls Online (next month I think).

  2. Haven’t read anything (or heard from anyone) who’s played Luigi’s Mansion. Sounds fun … hope it is. I haven’t done anything but install Morrowind and Oblivion so far. Excited to see the icons on my desktop, just need more time to sit and game for a bit.

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