Plants Vrs Zombies: Dr. Zomboss is dead, again



This was a beautiful sight after such a HARD level. I almost beat 5-9, the last level before fighting Dr. Zomboss, and would have if I’d still had a roof cleaner left in the lane the Gargantaur was smashing his way through. Talk about painful, getting down to the very last zombie and not being able to kill him. UGH. Gargantaurs aren’t the easiest to kill and if you have a pepper or cherry to blow them up with, or a squash to smash them with, they keep going only they toss the ‘baby’ zombie off their backs towards your house (or, as it were, chimney). They take a second blast or smash to defeat them with one of those three nifty plants. I’d had several of the giant zombies and was able to kill two or three of them, but not before they’d taken out most of my AoE type plants.

Today I decided to give 5-9 another go and beat it the first time I tried. Since this was my second run through on the same game I was hoping the boss, Dr. Zomboss, would be harder. He wasn’t. Matter of fact, he was probably the easiest to kill of all the times I’ve had to fight him (been a few). Still, he’s dead again!



I was hoping that playing through all the levels and sub levels a third time would pose an even greater ‘challenge mode’ than a second run through, but it doesn’t look like it. Crazy Dave still picks your first three plants, not the first four or five like I was hoping. Oh wells. It’s an extremely fun game to play and whether or not I continue playing this one on my computer, I still plan to beat Dr. Zomboss on the xBox360 version. I think I’m on level 5-2 now with the console version. I don’t remember what level unlocks the Zen Garden on the pc version but so far, I haven’t gotten it on the console one. Wondering if there even is one for console.

‘Twill see!


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