What’s Ranni been up to?

Not a lot worth mentioning, but I have been able to squeeze in a little time for gaming.

When my computer borked itself six ways from Sunday I had to start completely over in Plants vrs Zombies. I was somewhere around level 5-4, second run through (meaning I’d already beaten the boss once), when I lost that game. I finally beat all the levels and the boss on a first run through again! Woot!

A music video just for me?? Cute!

A music video just for me?? Cute!

When you beat the boss and start working back up through the levels again, Crazy Dave has a surprise for you on every_single_level. Makes it feel like challenge mode! Currently I’m on level 4-4 I think so I’m close to being back to where I was before. I really want to see if there’s anything new with playing through a third time so I’m dedicated to keeping at this. Gotta say, though, some of the levels are super hard.

My husband surprised me with Lego:LotR and oh my goodness, it’s a very cute and fun game! I have it for the Xbox so when I take a screenie, I’m holding my camera trying not to shake or flash out so I can get a so-so decent picture of my tv screen.

I love this mount! I want to keep it forever!

I love this mount! I want to keep it forever!

I felt horrible, for a second, while trying to navigate through the Old Forest. I was smashing a plant for the coins (?) and accidentally sucker punched Samwise in the face. Twice. Then I did it again because it was funny. I also punched Aragorn in the face and a townsperson in Bree. The dude in Bree was a complete accident! He was waving his hand in the air to get my attention so I wanted to talk to him. Didn’t get the chance as after I punched him he ran away and wouldn’t talk to me. Go figure. SUPER CUTE game and now I not only want to play this more but I want more of the Lego games!

Another Xbox360 game the family got for Christmas (I’ve finally figured out that if I buy a game and give it to a specific kid, they take it with them when they move out. So this Christmas we bought several games and gave them to “the family”. Mean? Heh.) was Plants vrs Zombies!! I really do enjoy this game and although playing it on the Xbox instead of my computer is a bit different, I’m still having a blast with it. I’m currently on level 3-1, first run through, of this version.

Then there’s WurmOnline. Oh boy. I love the concept and have been reading about @Stargrace and her adventures in WurmOnline for, I dunno. Forever! She makes it look like a ton of fun but I have to admit, I stink at it. The tutorial made me feel a couple of things. First, I felt like I’d gone back 10 years in gaming but I didn’t actually see that as a bad thing. Was more nostalgic than anything. Second, it’s VERY involved and rather long which is a good thing as it runs you through a few key game mechanics. Lastly, it made me feel that I was well prepared to leave the tutorial and venture out on my own, like, ‘I got this!’.

I'm ready! I think ...

I’m ready! I think …

I picked the server I wanted to play on (that for the life of me I can’t remember which one that was) and set off to explore. I wanted to get the jump on making food so I set out to find a good tree to use for making kindling. I don’t remember if it was the tutorial or Stargrace but I knew that too much weight in your packs would make you move slower. I honestly didn’t think that 25 kindlings and a couple of logs would be too much weight. IT SO IS! Luckily, for me, it took a huge chunk of those kindlings to finally get a fire going. I knew I had a pottery bowl in my pack and I’d picked up a few berries and other foodish items. I couldn’t use any of them to make food, though. I think the strawberries are supposed to be planted? I found myself very confused very quickly. I’m assuming I need to make tools for various purposes and, assuming again, that I should start that by making mallets. I may have dropped my logs trying to be able to move faster. Dunno. After a couple of nights playing life got super busy (holidays impending and whatnot) and I haven’t been back in. I do not understand how Stargrace can make such beautiful structures but I do plan to give this another go. One of my sons is a huge sandbox game fan so I’m trying to get him to give WurmOnline a try as I know he’ll be hooked and then he can tell me what I’m not understanding.

The last few days I’ve had a MASSIVE need to play LotRO again. Like, OMG! I miss Condi. And Ranni the Hunter. And my Lore-Master, Poldora! I needs to go see them!! I had no desire to do anything with the Yule Festival and after trying the jump quest for the festival in GuildWars2 (darn those melty snowflakes!!) I think I might just be over festivals period. Oh yeah! I played a little GW2.

Do not like jump puzzles!

Do not like jump puzzles!

Remember me saying ‘death to my Ranger’ and whatnot? I started playing her again after I wrote that post. She’s lvl 18 I think but I found I preferred her over the other characters I rolled. Go figure. Anyway, I haven’t logged into LotRO in weeks but I have a feeling I may before the weeks out. Feels like I’m punishing myself more than anything by not playing. Dunno, just miss the game.

Wishing everyone a happy new year and lots of time for gaming in 2013!





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