Gamers Secret Santa!!

Stargrace from hosts a Gamers Secret Santa that I’ve participated in the last couple of years. I actually got my present from my secret Santa a couple weeks ago (I think … been crazy busy and I’ve lost track of time) and it’s flat freaking awesome! My kids have argued over who gets ‘the red one’ and I keep having to remind them they are MINE, not theirs.

@CtrlAltTabby was my secret Santa. Not only did she make these but she was kind enough to supply a picture for me to use. I’ve taken pics with my phone but they’re so grainy (I shake when taking pictures) so I’m glad she had a really good picture of them.

Epic gamer drink coasters!

Epic gamer drink coasters!

How freaking cool are they? And check this out, just incase you’re too young to recognize these. (was an immediate flashback to my childhood on opening these, lol)

Image from

Image from

The above image is from a write up on these uber cute space-invader critters on

I do not have this kind of talent. I can’t even sew a button on right, let alone knit/crochet/do-anything-crafty. @CtrlAltTabby, thank you SO much for my gift! I don’t feel that mine (to you) comes close to measuring up.

@Stargrace, thanks so much for hosting this again this year! I hope you continue to do this. The guy I had last Christmas is a twitter buddy now and I follow his blog as well. What a great way to meet new gamer friends!



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  1. N. Frances Moritz

    Don’t be silly, I love my zombie calendar! Though I may run into similar kid issues once the new year rolls around.

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