GW2: Beautiful vistas, death to the Ranger!

I was complaining to my son yesterday that I was sick and tired of dying in game and that I didn’t understand why I couldn’t wear any of my quest rewards when I get them. He explained that sometimes the quest armour is random but after looking at some of the stuff in my bags that I’ve gotten, and then looking at my level, he told me I was still questing above my level.

/Doh. Ranni is so dumb for not putting two and two together.

Maybe that explains why I die so much? (please say yes) I did stop and go kill stuff to bump me to level 15 before attempting a lvl 19 (or was it 21) quest. Still died a few more times than I would have liked, though. Long story short, after dying yet again, I decided I didn’t like the Ranger class as much as I’d thought I would and contemplated rolling a new character. I was still deep in thought as to what I’d want to roll and if I *should* roll a new character given I haven’t experienced much of the game when the game crashed on me. I took that as a sign and rolled an Elementalist.

Ha, I know. BUT! My son said he’d roll a warrior and run with me. So, for now, DEATH TO THE RANGER!!!!

I did get the Queensdale and Divinity Reach maps done on my Ranger. I am in LOVE with the Vistas!



It’s a TON prettier in game than in my compressed screenie above. I want that moon to hang in my office!



I had a dilly of a time getting this Vista but I have to admit, I felt very accomplished as I watched this view unfold. Made it look like a little Lego village of sorts with Bonsai trees for decoration.



Not a Vista but made me think of the carousel back home. I was born and raised in a town that has one of the oldest working carousel’s on the east coast, and have many fond memories riding it as a kid and WITH my kids. So for that flashback I thank you, GW2!

My son and I ran around and leveled to 7 last night on our Warrior/Ele combo. I found that ele’s suck donkey balls when trying to fight raptors. They melt me. Fast. I also found that some of the Vistas I struggled to get to on my Ranger were no longer hard. Oh, and I also found that a short human standing next to a GIANT of a Norn means that, at times, my screen will only be filled with Norn butt if I’m standing to close to my son when we’re fighting.

And, yes, if you’re keeping track, I killed him again last night. I was trying to eat potato soup while running around and fighting with him. Great soup, bad gaming combo. He wants us to jump back in today and finish the Queensdale map but I’ve got to tackle my kitchen and a hamper of laundry first. With us playing together I’m most excited for not dying as much and the vistas being a close second.  I’m cringing at my name, however. I couldn’t get a single freaking name to take so started typing anything. That’s why I’m Raki T. The ‘T’ was supposed to be lowercase and attached to ‘Roki’, not ‘Raki’. (Rokit, get it?)

/Sigh. Wasn’t meant to be I suppose.


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  1. Oh just you wait for some of the other vistas! and jumping puzzles! *evil grin* They are so beautiful though. 🙂

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