GW2: Ahoy, there, goaty archer man. Let me stab you with my splinter.

I wanted a guilt-free gaming day today to start GuildWars2. I did my chores this morning and once I was done, sat down to start the game up. Short story shorter, I wound up with the baby in my lap. I haven’t mastered gaming with her in my lap as there’s just too many things for her to grab and yank around. Like, she kept getting the cord for my headphones and, thanks to proximity, using it to pull my phone off my desk. When I wasn’t holding her my kids were in the office talking non-stop to me.

That’s preface to explain this. I didn’t have a very good GuildWars2 start.

I was, at one point, doing an event where I had to destroy war machines and kill those goaty looking warriors and archers. One of the event things said to collect something so when I noticed a sparkly splinter (looked rather like a block of wood) I assumed I was to pick it up for the event. Thing was, I was fighting two of those goaty men types, an archer and a warrior. I’ll be completely honest. They were only level 6 and I was a level 4. BUT, when I grabbed that splinter real quick like, my sword disappeared and suddenly I found myself trying to fight with a splinter.


It’s funny now but at the time I was a little overwhelmed and died while searching through my inventory looking for the right sword. Meaning, the one I’d been attacking with, not the one for a level 6 player. Why didn’t that splinter go into my inventory? You can’t kill big goaty archer men with splinters! ‘Least, I can’t. Oh, and where did my sword go? It did reappear eventually but not when I really needed it.

Later on I was clearing the trade path to help ensure visitors and merchants could travel safely to some little outpost on the map. I met a man there who is a master parchment maker. He wasn’t a very nice man. I simply needed information on a specific piece of parchment but instead of just telling me what I needed to know, he forced me to help him travel the trade path as his protector.

Did that ok.

Once we were safely at the town’s gate we learned the town (sorry, don’t remember names for ANYTHING) was under attack. I was tasked with destroying three catapults and set out to get that done real fast before my daughter had supper finished.

HA. Oh, hahahahaha.

I was able to make quick work of the first two catapults, only killing one or two of the goaty men mobs to gain access to each cat. The third one, however, was guarded by a bunch of the goaty men mobs and a Veteran (thought I saw two at one point, but not sure). Between the catapult killing me, the goaty archer men killing me, the Vet killing me, the town guards dying again (I rezzed when I could), it took for_evah! to get that last cat downed. It was so bad and I died so many times that when I went to turn in the finished quest I looked like a crazy woman out for blood. See?

That's the look of hate in her eyes

That’s the look of hate in her eyes

How ’bout that? In my undies with a sword that’s slightly bigger than I am and a bear who refused to help me fight. Because I told him not too (took me a bazillion years to figure that one out) when I thought I was telling him to guard me. I R slow. The parchment man is super lucky I was worn out from battle else I’d have had his head for his ‘tude!

My son told me a couple of things to help after I’d logged for the night. One, he could have joined me to help with that instance. Thanks, buddy. And two, he’s never had all of his armour break and had forgotten people only wear their undies when that happens.

That means I suck.

I have to get used to the movement and camera controls again. I can see where GuildWars2 will be fun. Might play a little more before bed and see if I can hit level 6. And keep my clothes on. Oh, and I hate splinters.

WAIT! I have one more question. I rolled a Ranger but so far I’ve only had an axe and a sword to fight with. Where’s my bow???



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  1. There’s a little down arrow to the left of your skills so you can drop those bundle (splinter) items if you pick them up accidentally. Your son must be insanely good because I end up naked at least once a week from my armor breaking. That or I really suck too, which is entirely possible. Send me your freaking character name and I’ll make a bow for you!

    • Not sure how much he solo plays, maybe that makes a difference. He made me a bow and mailed it to me but I need to level to 10 to use it.

      I’m playing on Santum of Rall (if I spelled that correctly) and my character is Ranni Moonbow. I did finally get a bow reward last night but I need to gain another level to use that one, too, lol. Just find it odd that a hunter class doesn’t have more bows in the quest reward selections!

  2. Yeah.. quick tip (because I do that A LOT): use the tilde key. Its the key right next to 1. This will switch to your alternate weapon set and automatically drop the environmental weapons. Even if you dont have the alternate weapons slots unlocked, the tilde key should still drop environmentals and bring your equipped weapon to bare.

    Also. Bows will drop, but axes are ranged, too. I usually stick to a sword/torch or sword/axe combo for close quarters combat, but you could have a little fun and use a greatsword. Would make things a little easier on the beginning levels.

    And one last thing. I gather you are playing in Queensdale and you veered off to the East. I would recommend working on the West side and making your way to the East. 😉

    • Thanks for the tilde tip! Son didn’t know that either.

      I’m using a HUGE nasty looking great sword now. Looks so awesome! I had an axe and noticed I could range but kept getting right up on the mobs because it wasn’t sinking in at the time. I do like the great swords, tho!

      I went back in last night to see if I could get to level 6. I did a quest where Julius someone was on trial for treason and yes, it’s in the Queensdale area. ‘Twas a super hard fight but when I turned in for completion it leveled me almost 2 levels. Halfway through level 7 now. Think I want to go West now that I know about it as some of these quests are HARD! Thanks!

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