LotRO: Why I’ve abandoned my houses

I’ve tried to type this up several times and each time I sound like an idiot cry baby. I don’t want this post to be emotionally written even though this has hit a very personal feeling chord with me. I don’t know how to write it without sounding whiny, though. So, fair warning.

I haven’t “played” LotRO since Thursday evening. I was set to log in Friday evening after writing this post but before I could, I saw a link to another forum post about the upcoming changes to the festivals. I’m hit with the feeling of ‘this is just too much’. I want to play, don’t get me wrong. Rohan lit a fire for the game in me that’s fueled many a play sessions. I *LOVE* this game! I just can’t sit back and ignore what’s going on without saying something, doing something, to voice my dissatisfaction. It enables or maybe condones and at some point, enough is enough. I can’t stomach the greed anymore and it’s immediately zapped the fun from the game. I decided I have to take a break from the game until I get over myself and Turbine starts to treat the community with more respect.

The first post (by Turbine) in the Hobby Horse thread was disrespectful and made the assumption that we’re stupid. They asked for help (feedback) while slapping us in the face with the ‘stoopid-stick’ (went above and beyond to stress we’re not being forced to buy anything because, clearly, that’s NEVER occurred to us idiots) and then said only certain posts would be regarded. I do get the need for constructive feedback but certainly they have to get the need for their consumers to have opinions, right? Off the top saying certain posts would be disregarded set an ugly defensive tone and offended me.

The upcoming festival changes have turned the best designed festival, the Yule Festival, into a big grind fest. How is that fun? Turning repeatables such as the eating contest into dailies? What? The ‘good’ vendor with the new stuff is deed gated? Again, how is that fun? Are you trying to force log-ins or store items (to reset your daily quest limits so you can finish all 200 quests needed for deed completion)? Either way, it feels forced and grindy and not at all fun. I will not be participating in the Yule Festival, or any festival for that matter if this is to be done to all of them.

What kicked me in the shins the hardest, though, was the golden festival tickets. You work hard to earn them and think they’re yours but, no. If you don’t spend them before the festival is over, they take them away.

Let me say that again.

The tickets you work so hard to get will be taken away from you if you don’t spend them.

That right there is what prompted me to abandon my houses. I did have two deluxe houses (I have two accounts) and a kinhouse. I had these houses for storage but mostly to display my collection of festival housing items. I logged in Saturday and went through all of my housing items, deleted a lot of them, stored them on my characters in vaults and whatnot, and then abandoned my houses. If they’re going to turn the festivals into such major grindfests and then take our tokens away, the very ones we ‘ground out’, for not spending them, I won’t keep my houses. It’s a protest on top of my festival boycott.

I’m very upset with the changes being made and the tone Turbine has taken with us. I do not like where the game is heading based on these changes and can no longer condone and look past the greed. The tone in that first Hobby Horse post just makes this so much worse. Don’t tell me I don’t matter and expect me to turn a blind eye and throw more money at you.

So along with my break from game, refusal to buy anymore Turbine Points, festival boycott and protest (giving my houses back) I’m going to be doing this instead of playing the game I adore so much.



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  1. I agree fully. I left LOTRO for much of the same reasons, it hurts me to leave a game I loved for five years. But I can not hope to enjoy a game that I have to force my self to play. I was even about to give them $24 to get an old character back to play with. But after this horse post I sent an email telling them not to take my money. I am sad to go, and sad to see you go, and will see you in Guildwars 2

  2. You should come play SWTOR with me and another LOTRO player (he made a few accts to try out the classes, lol). Sure, BioWare rather sucks at the MMO thing and the free players are pretty darn restricted…but the game itself is actually quite fun. 😛

    I had thought about trying GW2 but I can’t afford the game right now.

    Seriously, though, some of the proposed changes/additions are making it hard to want to keep supporting the game (LOTRO & SWTOR, actually), and I just got back into playing LOTRO a few weeks ago.

  3. The hobby horse thing is probably the stupidest move Turbine could’ve made. It seems to have seriously offended the community and that’s truly unfortunate. The festival gating is just ridiculous, I’ve never run across anything like that before. I can’t wait to see you in Guild Wars 2!

  4. Just a quick FYI. Be sure to take everything that is in Bullroarer (or Beta) with a grain of salt. I can’t argue against your feeling as I felt the same way when I was reading about the upcoming changes.

    However, I would encourage you not to give up. Already, there are admin forum posts that are toning down the festival grind to 120 instead of 200 (hopefully they will come down even more before the end of beta), the golden tickets will not disappear after the festival, and the hobby horse is also being toned down a lot.

    Like I said I am in agreement with your sentiment regarding the situation, it just seems like they are listening a little and lighten things up. It was just a lot to swallow all at once and left a really bad taste in my mouth as well.

  5. You are not alone. Turbine has severely damaged the game with this idea. I have a lifetime account and I deconned all 7 of my characters legendary items, sold all their gear and mailed 447 gold to the first lowbie hobbit I saw near the shire mailbox.
    I am gone from Middle-Earth. Like you I love the game but can no longer tolerate Turbines crass cash grabbing and total disresepect for Tolkien’s lore and the community as a whole.

    Perhaps the writing is already on the wall for what was a wonderful game and the target demographic is the kids that came with the F2P move and this is a last ditch effort to milk the remaining faithful for all they can before the curtain comes down.

  6. Festival daily resets and hobby horse aside, turbine has chosen a f2p scheme that will continue to introduce these sorts of transactions to make a buck. They have recently made some quality of life improvements in game play (open tapping) but it’s still an old game that can’t compete with new games for that constant influx of new players. I think it’s just a matter of time, like next year, before this game is on pure maintenance mode, i mean they called ROR an expansion when in reality it was a quest pack.

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