LotRO: Condi’s on a mission

Real life is so out of control right now that it’s not even funny! I think that’s why I’m so determined to do things with Condi I hadn’t thought to before and, if I’m honest, didn’t think I could. It’s not even that big a thing, given she’s a level 85 Captain, but it’s important to me (and her, she told me!) so I’ve been going back and solo’ing old content, specifically Angmar dungeons.

I went back to Carn Dum and beat Mordirith again and finally got his mirror trophy! In a complete twist of irony, he dropped two of them so I have one in both houses. Go figure!  I’ve actually been back to Carn Dum several times as I’m deeding it also. I only need Page 27 of the War Plans deed and I’ll be done with CD. I’ve also downed everything in Urugarth and have gone back a few times there as well to finish those deeds. Still a work in progress and I have to say, I’m not happy that the Orc deed takes another 200 once you flip it. Think it’s 200 … just know there are NOT anywhere NEAR 200 Orcs in Urugarth!

I’d tried Barad Gularan but died three times trying to take down Udunion. He has crazy abilities to heal himself and my interrupt, the Captains Kick skill, was on a minute cooldown. Frustrated, I hit my good friend Google and asked his advice on soloing my nemesis. I found a video on YouTube of a level 75 Champion soloing that fight. Now, I understand the Champions interrupts … they are awesome! But watching that fight gave me a few ideas so I grabbed Condi and had a talk with her.

First we buffed up our armour. She’s wearing two pieces from the Hytbold Leader set and two from the Hytbold Healer set. That helped. I also raided her vault for any legendary weapons and runes of experience I could find, hit the AH and bought a couple of cheap unidentified level 85 Captain 2-handers, and went to work leveling weapons to break down until I got a legacy for ‘Kick’. I’d NEVER wanted this on a weapon before but I have it now. I also spent a tremendous amount of gold turning low level relics into high levels ones. Her nice new level 85 hammer has level 9 relics now and, even though it has the Kick legacy on it, is a huge deal better than the level 75 one she was using. Long story short, I was able to raise both Might and Vitality to over 1100 each.

Udunion didn’t stand a chance! He went down SO fast it was beautiful! He was able to heal himself once (my Kick cooldown is 45 seconds I think) but it didn’t hurt me as it was only once and not a bazillion times. I have a couple deeds left but they’re flipped so a few more runs and I should be done with BG.

Which means I’ll want to hit the Rift!

I’ve never finished the Rift before as every_single_time I’ve been I’ve either gone with groups that just couldn’t beat the last boss OR it’s bugged on us. I’ve fallen through lever floors even. I’ve always meant to go back but just haven’t gotten around to it and now I want to see how much I can solo. Wish me luck!


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  1. wow, that’s an inspiring feat – I have tried solo-ing Udinion but that’s probably because I’ve fought him so much that I thought it would be cruel 😉

    Soloing the Rift would be an interesting challenge and I’ll be curious how you’ll fare as there are many more adds to deal with, not to mention a couple boss fights that require you to separate things.

    • Went in to the Rift to see what the mobs were like as it’s been years since I was there. Not sure I could solo that second pull at all! Going to look up old strategies and try to refresh myself on how we always did it, then see what I can come up with. Not hopeful at this point, tho.

      And given you’re a warden, yeah, probably would be cruel, lol.

  2. Wow! Epic! Congrats!!
    Think I want to try that too on my captain. Still working on rebuilding Hybolt. So I still have 6 pieces of the Dragoch armour and lvl 75 jewelry.

    • I’m working on getting Entwash and Wold to kindred so I can open up the rest of the rebuild quests. Going to take forever! I don’t have any Dragoch gear as I’ve never been there. Condi isn’t in a kin (most of mine are in my storage kin) and not sure what kin to join. Want to, just don’t want to have to be on at specific times … need a casual raiding kin, lol. If you try on your Captain, let me know how it went. Captains rock. 🙂

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