LotRO: Tolerance can be fun

I’ve been working on deeding my virtues up to rank 16 the last few days. When I started this Condi’s Zeal was at rank 11, Tolerance was 13 (I think) and something else was either 13 or 14. Innocence and Charity (again, I think it’s Charity) were already rank 16. I ground out my slayer deeds for Zeal and whoo boy, what a chore! Finally, today, I only had one rank of Tolerance to go for all virtues to be at 16, the current cap. I didn’t want to do another slayer deed, especially since I’d run out of deed accelerators Saturday night. I had two choices for my last pip of Tolerance, one being the beast slayer deed for the Great River area. I don’t think I’ve even got 60 of the first tier done yet so I really didn’t want to hassle with it. Deeding, as important as it can be, just isn’t fun sometimes. I wanted fun! Which is how Condi found herself in Carn Dum.

My only other choice to max Tolerance was a location deed in Carn Dum. I needed three areas to finish, two of which were in Mordirith’s castle. I love Carn Dum! I’ve spent so much time there and I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to solo the whole place. Full disclosure, I’m still wondering, even at level 85! That said, I ran straight from the entrance and fought my way through to the ramp right before the castle entrance. There is a Gorthorog boss that spawns a few rounds of adds. I had so very very VERY many spiders on me during one round of adds that I straight up died. In a level 50 instance. How sad. Captains don’t do AoE very well or it’d have been a completely different story. Still, I waited my dread off and went back to the boss and didn’t stop until I’d solo’d Mordirith.

I know. Condi’s level 85 and he’s a grey boss to her. BUT! He’s still a challenge as it’s a long power draining fight! In all honesty, the only problem I had (other than a billion spider adds in the one fight) was power. I was so over leveled I could auto-attack most everything (did that a lot to save on power when I needed to). I was so excited when Mordy fell over dead because I knew I was FINALLY going to get his mirror to put in my house. Pretty sure that’s why it didn’t drop. Figures, no?

The last location I needed for the deed was the Duvardain Quarters. I had to enlist my son’s help in finding it as, although I knew exactly WHERE it was, I couldn’t remember how to get there and he never forgets an instance map.

Sweet straight 16s!

I had noticed that the deed for the War Plans wasn’t complete so I decided to take advantage of being in Carn Dum and finish that deed as well. I only need one last page, page 27, and so kept fighting. I fought everything I found. Like, look at these raid locks I earned.

I fought so hard and so long, clearing out every single mob I ran across. I even went back and opened all the slave pens looking for that last page. Earned one heck of a repair bill in doing so, too.

And, btw, this was just ONE of the times I went home to repair.

Ask me if I ever found that last page …… If you look at the raid locks you’ll see there are two I don’t have. One is for Helch. I did try him but after my brain-dead herald decided to stay in the green water and fight him as I ran around killing tentacles, I knew I was a goner if I stayed fighting. So I admitted defeat and jumped in the water. The other raid lock I’m missing, number 8, might be that bat lady in or around Helch. Never could figure out which sewer tunnel to take to get to her. OH, and I died once on the sewer bridge of death, the one with all the horn blowers. Still, no page 27 for me so that deed that’s worth a whole 10 TP is still undone. Serious bummer after all the work I put into it!

I did get one cool thing, other than my last rank for Tolerance. I got a level 50 Elf lock box that had a neat cosmetic in it called the Tattered Cloak. You’d think with it being an Elf box it would have been a beautiful and mystical cloak, but I still like it.

Lends well for role-playing

I’m going back soonish and will find that elusive page 27. I’m also needing to rekill all the bosses leading up to Mordy as, thanks to me doing that first and then later on killing the bat lady boss Az_whats-her-face, I didn’t get deed credit for the last five Carn Dum bosses. Maybe I’ll get Mordy’s mirror after all. For now I’m rather happy that I’ve gotten Tolerance and, the rest of my virtues, back to max cap!


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