LotRO: My Steed of the Captain

When they announced the Steed of the Captain and I saw that bee_u_tee_full picture of the brown steed pictured, I immediately knew I had to have it for my Captain, Condi! Isn’t he gorgeous??

Captain Steed pictured here. (incase the image below doesn’t load)

(Turbine’s picture cropped to save file size)

I only had 500 Turbine points on Condi’s account so I texted my husband and asked if I could blow $30 on glorified pixels as I also wanted to get the 6th inventory bag. He said sure so I went to the LotRO Market and bought 2500 points, put the code in via the LotRO Store and set out to find my new prized steed.

Only, it wasn’t there. Sure, I saw the banner announcing it was there at the top but I couldn’t find it by clicking said banner (only saw milestones and other stuff), looking through the ‘New to the Store’ items, the ‘Limited Release’ items or even through the travel mounts/store exclusives. I kept closing the store and reopening it thinking it just hadn’t loaded for me yet. I even logged out and back in to see if that would spur an update. Nope, an hour and a half later I gave up and went to bed assuming it would be in my store come morning. I was a bit frustrated as I knew others had already bought it but what can you do?

This morning I woke up and my very first thought was, “CAPTAIN STEED!!!”. Actually, my first thought was, “Why does my alarm sound like a chirping bird rather than the Turbine Warpipes??” but my second thought was most definitely devoted to the horse. One of the first things I check in the mornings is Twitter. I saw a link to this forum post about the Steed of the Captain not looking as advertised. Sure enough, the beautiful brown steed, once bought, was that same old plain Jane blonde sorrel horse. I wasn’t happy but crossed my fingers that it was a mistake and would be fixed. I almost jumped for joy when Turbine addressed the issue and said they’d flagged it as a bug and it’d be fixed (to the brown steed) come update 9!

Orange you glad I showed you my steed?

So I spent my early Christmas present of Turbine Points on the Steed of the Captain and will just use the warsteed appearance until they fix the color on the regular mount. I dyed it orange so the details would show better (would look awesome in black but I haven’t bought any dyes, and won’t at these prices as I can’t afford them) and am rather happy with the look of my new warsteed. I’ve been waiting and hoping for an awesome looking Steed of the Captain for months and although there aren’t any Captain horns on the horse, I’m so glad it’s not “frilly”!



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