LotRO: Hytbold, I get it now.

I’ve been running Condi crazy trying to find the repeatable reputation quests for the four factions in Rohan. They do not exist! You earn 1200 reputation for a given faction, depending on what quests you do, by doing the daily quests to help rebuild Hytbold.


I think I knew that but didn’t KNOW it know it. It’s not a bad system and actually makes sense. It’s just new (to me) and I’m trying to learn it. Now that I get it I want to get Ranni the Hunter and Poldora (formerly known as Original Ranni … had to change her name after I transferred her to Landroval) working on rebuilding Hytbold as soon as possible. Ranni the Hunter is lvl 77 (78?) and working towards that goal. Poldora, however, has just started Volume 3 book 4, otherwise known as ‘the book that never ends’. She’s still lvl 65 but if I keep at it, she’ll be in Rohan by September of next year I’m sure. 😛

I’ve looked at the armour sets for Captains and I like the healing one best. Thing is, I don’t group anymore. It’s not planned, just tend to run solo as I’m kinless and what with open tapping, there’s no real need to group. So I’m clueless on which set I’d want her to wear. I think Ranni the Hunter needs armour (she’s wearing better upgrades as she gets them via questing … it’s that bad) because she struggles SO HARD on stuff Condi breezed through. I remember a time when Hunters were so OP it was maddening. I’m either doing it so very totally wrong or those days are long past.

Poldora, on the other hand, didn’t even break a sweat today. I was afraid that things had changed and she’d be a wimpy Lore-Master since I haven’t played her in a year and a half. She played strong and never needed a potion of any kind as her health was barely nudged when fighting. I like that! Mind you, I didn’t do anything tough, just constant fighting mob after mob.

May log Poldora in and work on that book a bit more as soon as I hit ‘Publish’.


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