The frustration robbed me of a brain

My computer issues started back in August, if I remember correctly. Started in earnest, at least, enough so to officially thwart my gaming time. It felt like a million years, the time I wasn’t able to play anything other than solitaire. I’d pre-ordered Torchlight 2 in the Spring of this year and got in a few play sessions once it released but by the time I had my computer fixed and gaming again, I forgot I even had the game! It wasn’t until I bought Orcs Must Die a few days ago that I remembered.

Speaking of, I’m not liking Orcs Must Die so far. Admittedly, I’ve not played more than a few minutes. That’s all it took for me to die in an overwhelming and embarrassing fashion. (twice) My keyboard is on a tray under my desk and does not move out. The tray sometimes will move in and out but my keyboard, thanks to the way I ran the wires, doesn’t really move much at all. That’s a really bad setup for Orcs Must Die given so many of the keys I needed were hidden under my desk. I think I’ll fare much better once I rerun those wires and free my keyboard so it can sit on top of my desk.

It was around Halloween that I wanted to resume playing Plants vrs Zombies (the game on my pc … also have a game saved on my husband’s pc). I’m working my way through all the levels a second time (Yetis!) and was on the roof. I went to start the game but got an error saying something about the unlock code not matching my system. I could not get around the error code no matter what I tried, which included uninstalling and, at one point, uninstalling all saved data, so I sent an email to tech support. I heard from them a couple days ago and once again have a working game. BUT. I’ve had to start over from scratch. If I’d just sent that email and had the patience to wait for a response before tinkering with it I would probably have beaten the game and be working on a third pass through by now.

I *just* realized (literally, this weekend) that the reason my Hytbold quests weren’t advancing in LotRO  was because I lack the right amount of reputation with the Rohan factions. I’ve gotten three of them up to Ally now but for the life of me, can’t find a single quest to up my reputation with the Norcrofts. I logged out in disgust tonight, disgust with myself mostly, wondering if I’ll ever figure this puzzle out. I can be a tad dramatic at times … The worst part of this rep-gating is that I knew the rep was needed, but forgot. Or maybe I didn’t think it applied to me. Dunno but I certainly feel stuck at the moment.

Speaking of stuck, I’ve gotten Sims 3 running on my computer again and can not get my sim gal hooked up with a guy (she wants to get married and have babies and whatnot) but let the maid come over and, wow. Can sims still adopt? If so that would fix my issue of her having babies … I’d also like to add a few more hours into a sim day and maybe energy drinks as my sim gets very little done of what she wants. Too many chores and she tires so easily!

I’m asking Santa for a brain for Christmas as everything here comes down to me forgetting, not thinking, overlooking, …. I blame going so long without any real gaming. Takes its toll.


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