LotRO: One-stomped surprise

Captain Condi is currently level 84 and doing her five daily Hytbold quests. I figure she’ll hit level 85 soon enough as she helps to rebuild the town and so have decided to show a bit of love to Ranni the Hunter. I’d left her not quite halfway through the incredibly long Volume 3 Book 4 of the Epics and wanted to get her through to getting her warsteed. Woof! That’s a lot of book work! I was at the point of giving up on finishing that book, exhausted at the seemingly unending series of quests (several quests involve earning questing deeds for areas of Dunland which means you’re doing 20-30 quests per deed for each quest!) when she was suddenly a prisoner of Isengard. I’d forgotten about that happening but it was a very welcome respite, so-to-speak, so I kept at it. I actually like this part of the book as it’s so totally different from all the other books and chapters. Plus, even though I’d forgotten it was going to happen, I knew I still remembered how to get around as I did my prisoner duties. That always helps, right?

This would turn my knees to dust!

I set off to clean the slop in the kitchens under Isengard. I don’t know what’s in the food the Uruks eat but talk about crazy knees of steel! I need some of that.

Once Ranni was a free person again I remembered Condi’s dailies. It was late but I wanted to get them in for the day before the “day” reset. I’m having MAJOR problems doing the Horse Race quest out of Cliving. So major, I have yet to finish it. If I’m not lagging so badly that I’m rubber banding all over the place, I get the very unwelcome and highly annoying loading screens up to three times between gates in one area. I fail. Every time. Not happy. BLARG!

The Hobby Horse quest in Harwick, however, is the cutest thing I’ve ever done! The children in Rohan are far more creative and fun to be around than any other children in all of Middle Earth. I’ve played tag with them, helped calm a dispute over a toy sword and now beat their time on the Hobby Horse!

At some point I realized the dailies that help rebuild Hytbold have deeds associated with them. I picked one and started working on it specifically. This sent me to the Eaves of Fangorn to kill a few orcs and free five trapped animals. I was happily killing a couple of orcs when this enormous Ent walked up and stomped one of the orcs to oblivion. Excited at getting help, I hit the orc I was fighting again only for the Ent, whose name is Blackroot, to stomp him out of existence also. What happened next was shocking. He then one-stomped me and killed me! I was stunned!

There be two of them!! OMGOMGOMG

Blackroot has over 2 million health and his health bar is green which means I can’t attack him. (not that I’d attack something that big anyway, but still) He has a twin Ent of equal health and there were a couple of times (I was one-stomped to death several times trying to kill those orcs) when I’d see one coming, turn to run in the opposite direction and run straight into the other one. I gave up on trying to out run them and after a while, I even gave up on waiting my dread out. I just pulled Dumpy from my pocket and let him help me fight when I had dread on me.

The following day, if memory serves me, I got back on Ranni the Hunter and got her started on Volume 3 Book 7. The Argonath was such a welcome sight!

I’ve left her in Langhold and will start helping the town to defend itself when I log in next. It won’t be too long before she has a warsteed and I’m pretty excited about that. I have no idea which steed is best for a Hunter so will probably go with Medium as I’m used to that already. She has the Steed of the Hunter so I’m cautiously looking forward to using that on her Warsteed. I hope it’s still green but thinking I read somewhere that the cosmetics for that steed are weirdly colored. We’ll see.



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  1. I guess not every Ent is as quick as Treebeard to recognise the difference between Orcs and Hobbitses!

  2. Lol, especially since Orcs and Hobbits look so much alike. 😛 Wondering if having the freed animals near keeps them away as I’ve yet to be stomped when a fox or squirrel I freed is still near.

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