LotRO: My camera swings when I’m on /follow

When participating in The Fellowship Walk you walk (toggle insert) and /follow the person in front of you. When I am on /follow to anyone my camera swings about, wildly at times. I’m not sure what the cause of it is but have wondered if it’s lag related or maybe happens when more than one person are on /follow to the same person … Dunno, but it gives me a headache after awhile. Anyone know for sure what’s causing this?

Incase the video doesn’t show on this page, here’s the link. http://youtu.be/rul4zoiFqG8


Editing to add: The quality is horrific but I care not. I don’t have any video capture software so I just grabbed my cell. Sorry.


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  1. Hey Flaming Bard,

    What that appears to be is that you accidentally pressed the ‘X’ key, which I think is ‘auto-target’. Since the ‘target’ is the person you are following, and the target keeps moving, the camera tries to move and put you in the best position. Hence, you get that swing. Try pressing ‘X’ to toggle that off/on the next time it happens.

    … and I was on the walk too! I’m sure you are in my video:

    Best Regards,

    ~ T

  2. Someone suggested pressing X but it didn’t work for me. It happens every single time I go on follow so I assumed it was lag as my connection has been on the pitiful side here lately. Thanks, tho.

    Great video, btw! I watched that the other day and did see myself. I was near the back of the line but saw my sheep headed little hobbit a time or two. 🙂

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