LotRO: Lagging my way through Rohan

Years ago when I played on Windfola I was with a group of kinmates working the Trollshaws slayer deed for the Giants. My daughter suddenly woke and came running down the stairs, puking the whole way. I briefly explained why I was about to go AFK to the group and quickly ran off to attend to my daughter. They said I’d been gone a good few minutes when all of a sudden my bear sprang from our nice safe corner spot, ran around in a huge circle and brought every giant in sight back to the group. I returned to my computer to find everyone, myself included, dead. I’d had Frogbiter on Passive so I have no idea what made him do that, just that he did. I have so many memories of his wonky pathing that caused us to have to fight extra mobs. One night we had taken a new member with us to Carn Dum and when Frogbiter went out of his way to pull a 52k health gate keeping troll on us, the new member squealed in fear over voice chat and expressed his dislike for my bear. Pretty sure he wanted us to kill Frogbiter once we downed the troll!

The last couple of days I’ve been reminded of Frogbiter and his many added mobs while questing through Rohan. I’ve been lagging pretty bad thanks to a wonderful (NOT) internet connection and it’s made mounted combat hard. HARD, I say! Sometimes I hit lag spikes that cause my steed to appear to ‘slingshot’ across the field or into a wooden fence or, as was the case here, into the wooden structure of a stable in Cliving.

I wasn’t going very fast when I found myself being propelled through the air into the wooden beams for this stable. I started trying to free myself and Blockhead when I was suddenly dismounted. I died as soon as I was dismounted with a message saying “You SUCK, Condi!” “You collapse from injuries sustained in a fall”. Weird given I hadn’t fallen from anywhere.

When I’m fighting mounted orcs as I travel from one place to another, I often wind up with several on me because I’m lagging all over the plains while trying to fight that one mob. I’ve watched mobs turn away from me to fight me only to suddenly pop up on the other side of them. It’s like they KNOW where I’m supposed to be before I do. Breeding them smart now, huh? Tonight I did the instance for The Defense of Faldham. Oh my word what a laggy mess I made of it. There were times when Elfmar did nothing but cut donuts while waiting for my lag to end so I could take part in the instance again. I even watched a mounted Uruk do the same thing.

If they were fighting while I lagged about I often wound up on the wrong side of the boundary lines for the instance, unable to participate until either myself of they slingshotted back across the red lines. I’m calling these boundary lines “lag lines” now, as it ’twas the lag that popped them for me. Mounted combat just isn’t fun when you’re lagging out so badly you can’t get an attack off. Luckily the Captain has a couple of ‘yell’ skills that don’t require me to be right on top of the mobs to use.

I absolutely LOVE mounted combat when I’m not lagging. It’s awesome! When I’m lagging badly, however, I’ll usually dismount and chase them around and fight them as normal. The mounted flankers will sit there on their mounts and let me fight them. I don’t think anyone has explained the word ‘flank’ to them. The Uruk Raiders, however, take complete advantage and run off in HUGE circles, getting as far away from me as they can. They taunt me, they do. Wish I had a skill to auto dismount a mob for when I’m lagging. I’d be a lean-mean-killing-machine if I did!




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