LotRO: First day in Rohan

First I have to say this. Warsteeds are SUPER hard to get used to and if you don’t agree, then I hate you.

(click on the images to enlarge them)

I spy a cloud horse!

Rohan is stunningly beautiful on Direct X11 graphics (ultra-high in game also)! I caught myself running into mobs all over the place because as I horsed here and there I was constantly spinning my camera view around looking at the gorgeous scenery. There were several times I saw ‘horse clouds’ in the sky and I wondered if a bigish constellation in the nighttime sky was also a horse.  Gave Rohan an even more horsey feel! Sadly, I had to bump down to Direct X9 to keep from crashing out of game, a work around Turbine posted for a memory leak bug. I hope they get that fixed super fast so I can turn everything back to blast and marvel at the most awesome artwork!

I had to stop and /fishslap myself a few times when I realized that on launch day for Riders of Rohan, the horsey land, I was forgetting to get back on my horse. A lot. If I had to dismount to fight a mob I just ran around after killing him instead of remounting. I once had an in game friend who got so tired of reminding me to get back on my horse, she’d just mount up and gallop past me. Certainly jogs the ole memory when you’re running buddy leaves you in their dust! I started Rohan by doing the Epics, Volume 3, Book 7. No, scratch that. I actually started “Rohan” by restatting my legendary weapons. ARG. Is that really necessary? Is there no fix for that? I gets so tired of it.

Felt like a family reunion!

The Epic chapters, especially knowing the story so well already, really did feel epic. You get to session play several of the characters to experience the story from their view points. When I session played Boromir I noticed the character names were different for the fellowship than when I’d played as Frodo. The hobbits, for instance, were not named Sam, Meriadoc and Peregrin but instead they were named as Frodo’s servant, That halfling and The other halfling. Gimli and Legolas were simply The dwarf and The elf best I remember. Thought that was rather egotistical of Boromir, not bothering with their actual names, but it did make me chuckle.

Campfire Tales

The Epics have made me feel much more involved or a part of the story since gathering the Rangers and it was no different with the continuation for Rohan. Turbine, you’ve really outdone yourself! I’m very much loving the progression and feel of the epic story line  There came a point in my questing where I had to help a town with a few tasks. This led to me playing a game with the town’s children which then led to a verbal lashing later on. Matter of fact, that dude (Dala) took every opportunity to bash me again for it. Condi was ready to shove her Halberd up his … nose. Heh. There was another quest where I had to heal injured soldiers. Accepting that quest caused my radar to immediately feel with wounded soldier rings, hammering home the point that war is upon us. Well played, Turbine!

I finally worked my way to getting my Warsteed and I felt so accomplished for doing so. Then I went to the practice stable to try it out. OH. MY. WORD. I’ve never felt so noobish in all my life! I decided I should read all the help rings on the course instructor and after reading them, felt I had it down pat. HA. My warsteed was quick to remind me that I didn’t know what I was doing yet and she was in charge. Her name was Calista but by the time I finally finished the practice sessions, I’d renamed her to Blockhead. I ran through my flags, starting with the blue ones and did sorta ok. Actually, I lie. The flags were fine and I went through all six of them easily enough, but my stoopid warsteed refused, and by that I mean abso_freaking_lutley REFUSED to ride back to the course instructor so I could start the red flag round. Instead, he shot me SUPER fast out of the stable and into the red lines of the invisible walls around the practice stable.


People, I was STUCK!

It took me forever and a year but I was finally able to free myself from the red boundary lines. Then it took 880 years to figure out how to get passed more red lines and back into the stable so I could finish my practice rounds! Blockhead is a very, very, VERY fitting name for my steed! My steed, once back in the stable, stampeded the instructor down in cold blood. Several times. Just because she could. Condi had NOTHING to do with that. I swear! Continuing with my practice lessons, I got my bum kicked by a training dummy. Least, it felt that way. I was trying to attack the training dummy but every time I hit my skill my steed appeared to flail about as if the dummy were knocking the snot out of her. It took me a few attempts before I realized I was hitting the ‘sudden stop’ skill rather than an attack one. I R Dunce.

When I’d finally completed all of my practice rounds the instructor informed me that it’d probably take years for me to master riding my steed. I agreed. I had no plans for fighting any warbands and contemplated getting on my regular horse so I wouldn’t look the fool in front of everyone as I rode by, but I stuck with my warsteed instead. I learned that tapping the up/down/side arrows, rather than just holding them down, helps tremendously when trying to control where I ride and how gracefully I ride. If there is such a thing. I didn’t check the option to cause my warsteed to slow down when not holding the up arrow down because it’s rather nice to be able to tap myself up to whatever speed I wish and then forget about it. I don’t want to have to hold the button down as I ride!

Stopping, on the other hand, is a whole other matter. Blockhead appears to have a fit of seizures every time I come to a complete stop by hitting the down key twice. It’s embarrassing really, and quite funny if I’m honest. I also learned not to apply trait points to my warsteed while riding him as, on clicking “apply”, it immediately dismounts you. There is a warning telling you that but Condi is of a stubborn breed herself and failed to heed the warning. When you’re in battle while mounted, getting knocked off your mount is hilarious! It’s fast and Condi rolled and did the belly slide a couple of times. Someone told me my horse did the death roll but I didn’t see that. I’m getting better at riding Blockhead and even fought several mobs while mounted. They die pretty darn quickly and by the time I logged out, I realized I’d gone from absolutely hating my warsteed to really enjoying the experience  Not sure how that happened but I’m SO glad it did.


I ran home to place my new fire pits I’d earned (via the epics I think) and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw my male hobbit property guard not only awake but, well, guarding my property. What devilry is this??? Who woke him up? Make him go back to sleep! Him napping on my lawn is why he was my favorite of all the property guards. I hope he’ll go back to sleep at some point. Maybe I should cook him a huge feast on the campfire thing in my yard so he can take a nap once his belly is full again. Or, I could use one of my new indoor firepits to cook for him!

The big firepit is even cooler, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

I can’t wait to get back into game tonight and continue on with questing in Rohan. Condi made it to level 76 last night and had such a blast doing so! I’m very impressed with Rohan so far but I do wish I could buy the 6th inventory bag already. Hope that problem is fixed fast, too!

See you in game!



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