LotRO: The Fellowship Walk 2012, to Weathertop

Yesterday I had my son and his girlfriend swap video cards with me so they could play GW2 on their pc with my card and I could play LotRO on my pc with their card. My computer ‘signal loss’ (otherwise known as the black-screen-of-death) issue? Video card! The new processor works beautifully but didn’t fix all of my poor computer’s problems. It doesn’t crash to the hardware failure blue screen on boot anymore! So excited about that!

I’m going with the ATI Radeon 6870 1gig card and *should* have it by Wednesday. Currently I have a 5770 so this will be a nice upgrade for me.

While I had his video card in my computer yesterday I went to CSTM’s The Fellowship Walk party in the Old Forest and had a blast! There was music and dancing and I even watched a dwarf play the drums with a pretzel! Did I think to take any screenshots of the party by the river? Nope. I was very lost in enjoying myself and getting to play LotRO again! The donations for Child’s Play were just under $2500 which meant we’d be walking to the Great Spire in the Barrows Down from Tom’s house in the Old Forest. Someone donated a whopping $1000 while we were dancing and singing on the banks of the Withywindle!! That, along with other donations, bumped us up to Weathertop. Crazy awesome! We left the Old Forest, walked to the Spire, Breetown and caught the stable master at the Forsaken Inn before stopping on top of Weathertop.

Someone gooched that Bear in the bum and he wants to know WHO!

Once $4000 in donations for Child’s Play has been raised the walk will continue on to the Last Bridge. Hopefully I’ll have my new video card by then!


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