LotRO: Glitches, Goobers and Gasi

My computer is waiting on a new processor so I can play my games again. I have a lengthy list of stuff I wanted to get done before Riders of Rohan launches on October 15th and, upon realizing this list, my processor decided to thwart me by dying every time I log into LotRO. Or watch a live video stream of anything. Chomping at the bit to play I decided to look through my screenshot folder to see what I’d been up to the last time I did get to play.

I was running Ranni the Hunter through Mirkwood, enough to finish the Epic book there before moving her on to Enedwaith. I noticed that in Mirkwood, Ranni the Hunter is about weed-high to an orc.

(click the images to enlarge them)

Ranni the Shorty

She still, judging from the look on that Orc’s face, is able to inflict fear into her enemies so it’s all good. I took the advice of some of my Twitter buddies and switched her skirmish soldier from a Protector to an Herbalist. The skirmishes not only went MUCH better they made Ranni the Hunter remember that skirmishes can be fun. When your soldier isn’t acting like a gooberific fraidy-cat and jumping on the other side of a gate you can’t get through, that is! Dillydoo has heard of Ranni the Hunter and Dilly the Protector’s track record and didn’t want to becoming another fail statistic I’m sure.

Even cookies wouldn’t work to bribe her back across that gate!

When I went to pick up quests there at Fordirith I remembered having access to certain quests before that Ranni the Hunter wasn’t able to get. Weird, no? No. The missing quests were part of the Epic she hadn’t worked up to yet. It took me a few days to convince her it was necessary before she’d agree to catch up but, after much debate, she finally got around to gathering all the Rangers for Aragorn. Slave-drivers, those Rangers!! Once back in Enedwaith she set out to rescue Dagoras from his evil captors. It was a very confusing quest for our little hobbit lass, full of sorcery she swore, as she wasn’t sure which Dagoras to rescue.

Surely one is an evil apparition of Sauron himself set about to confuse her!


Gasi Stynkrbottom is over the moon with his new manly outfit! He’s even hatched a plan to obliterate even more enemies by pretending to be a pretzel vendor to trick hungry Orcs and Goblins into letting their angry growling stomachs take over and lower their guard. Then he’ll swoop in for the kill, beating them to death with his handy-dandy pretzel-stein made of solid lead! Brilliant, that Gasi!

Makes your mouth water for a bit of freshly baked twisty bread, doesn’t he?

I think Condi is still questing in the Great River region but I’ve no clue where she’s at there. I’d like to get Ranni the Hunter up to lvl 75 before Rohan launches. I also need to break out my farmer/cook and make up a bunch of food as both Ranni the Hunter and Condi are so low they’re having to hit the auction house to stock up on supplies. On that note, I need to kick my scholars butt in gear and crank out some health and power pots. Mainly power pots. Whoo_doggies do Hunters use up a lot of power! ‘Least, my Hunter does. My plans also include deeding Condi’s virtues up to max level (think it will be 16 with Rohan?) as well as maxing my crafters and getting busy with their respective crafting guilds. They’re so far behind on crafting it isn’t funny. Condi has finally opened the master tier for Westfold on her tailor and Millee may have maxed Westfold (she’s my jeweler) but I’d need to be able to log in and check to be sure. Hopefully my new processor will be here today or tomorrow and I can get back to doing what I love. Gaming! Oh how I miss it!


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  1. Computer problems and gaming…i know the feeling…All the best! Great screenshots, going through my limited collection I found that they all brought back memories…if I could run LOTRO on my comp with hi quality graphics I’m sure I would have many more…

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