LotRO: Flurry of Festivals

I love the festivals in LotRO, but … I’m not sure I’m liking this seemingly constant festival thing we have going on now. I feel compelled to run them at least once (even after all these years, especially with the revamps and newness of them) and darn if I don’t see new cosmetics or mounts that I simply MUST have. ARG! I wanted the Harvest Brew Horse mount and, thanks to left over fall festival tokens from last year, it didn’t take me too awfully long to earn it.


It’s cute but I think I like the Harvest Brew Goat better. It’s cuter for some reason. Maybe it’s just the overall look of a goat that I’m liking, the stoutness and sturdiness of it. And the fluff! Goats are fluffy! I wish the horse had the mug on the fishing pole like the goat did, but it’s still a cute mount.

One thing I’m finally coming to terms with is that I do NOT need every single new cosmetic out there. My wardrobe was bursting at the seams, unable to be upgraded anymore. I had cosmetics in my vaults, shared storage, houses and kin house and I even found a few on in bags on my characters. It was CRAZY! I went through them all, getting rid of duplicates (some outfits have different names but the same look) and all the cosmetics I’d gotten but never really liked. When I was done, hours later, I was down to 85/120 slots in my wardrobe. I think I’ve since put a couple of items in the wardrobe but I’m going to be much more picky in the future.

When I saw the cosmetics offered at this years Harvestmath Festival, I was not happy. At all! Because I like them all, except for the hat (yikes!) and feel a need to own them. I’ve already planned who will wear what and which horse they’ll ride when wearing them. Is that not sad? I just cleaned out my wardrobe last week! It never ends, does it? I need to clean out my housing deco items as I have stuff I don’t like but keep in my chests just because. I’m a cosmetic and deco hoarder for sure! And the more festivals we have, the worse it gets.

Someone save me from my madness!


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