LotRO: Mirkwood, in the dark

We won’t go into how long I had to stay in game, farming picks (would do the two pick quests every 15 minutes) until I had a bunch saved up (20-50 each time) so I could dig for tokens but, after two days, I’d finally earned enough for the Harvest Brew Goat. WOOT!


I wish, especially since he cost 1000 tokens, that his run speed was +68% but other than that, I’m very happy with him. Because he’s cute! And has an ale mug for a ‘carrot’.

Ranni the Hunter also finished her cave-claw wrangling deed and, once done, headed back to Mirkwood. She’s currently level 67 (I think?) and my original plan had been to do all of Mirkwood before moving on to Enedwaith. I really like Mirkwood, the story lines, the scenery (it’s so fitting and interesting), and the feel of progression there. Every quest hub feels connected and makes you feel like you’re moving the story forward by completing them.


I’m tired of Mirkwood already. This isn’t my first, second or third time questing Mirkwood. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve run characters through and have found that I really want out of there. Ranni the Hunter is going to finish the Epic story in Mirkwood, sans the Epilogues, and then move on. She’s up to the Protectors of Thangulhad skirmish and, once again, encountered problems with my Protector soldier. Oh, and the lighting.

Spooky dark!

This is how a lot of Mirkwood has been for me. Dark. Very dark. All shadows and shapes which, is kind of fitting for the area, but oh so frustrating at times, like at night. I’m not sure if it’s my computer/connection (having major computer issues and my internet connection is slow on a good day) but I don’t like it. My Protector, in this skirmish, spent most of her time either on the wrong side of the wall or stuck to the wall near the stairs for the central ballistae. Maybe she was so afraid of the dark she was trying to hide? Dunno, just that she was of no help and after Rodelleth died, I logged for the night. I was experiencing, on top of the darkness and brain-dead Protector, massive freeze-lag.  Saw a few on Twitter talking about how Landroval crashed not long after I logged out so maybe it was more server issue than pc issue for me.

Once I’ve gotten my chores done for the day I’m going to log in and switch to an Herbalist. I asked on Twitter for soldier suggestions and everyone seemed to agree that the Herbalist was the way to go. I used to love running skirmishes so much I’d spend weeks doing every single skirmish I had daily. I hate them now thanks to my Protector so a switch is long over due! My Protector runs off of ledges, around corners WAY in front of me, grabs aggro long before I do, … The Herbalist doesn’t run ahead I’m told and that alone should make my skirmish experience a TON better.

I forget how many chapters are in the Mirkwood Epic but I think I’m almost done with it. Then it’s off to Enedwaith as I’m still not sure Ranni the Hunter can cut Dunland yet.


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  1. Grats on the goat and the deed and the leveling.

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