LotRO: Harvest Brew Goat!

I’ve never seen this goat that I recall but I *LOVE* the look of it. The armour looks sturdy, the pretzel on the saddle (blanket?) is cute but my favorite thing is that it has ale cups under the keg on it’s back. They could have called it the party goat!



It costs 1000 buried treasure tokens but I can do that. I also want an unearthed sack just to see what’s in it, but that costs 500 buried treasure tokens. I currently have 30 of the tokens, 24 of them left over from last time. Suppose I should get to diggin’!


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  1. The object of the treasure hunt is to find treasure in the Buried Treasure Field northwest of the Treasure Field Base Camp . After completing the introduction quest , the dwarves at the camp give players three tools for finding treasure: Treasure-hunter’s Picks , Dowsing Gems and Trained Cave-claw Cages . Each of these items are consumed on use and more are available from repeatable quests as well as in treasure from Dig-sites. In addition, the Barter Vendor Sigtír offers Dowsing Gems and Trained Cave-claw Cages in exchange for Buried Treasure Tokens , and the LOTRO store sells Treasure-hunter’s Picks.

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