10 things I need to be a better gamer

1. A maid. (Omg, my house is NEVER clean, not even when I’m done cleaning it!)

2. A cook. (Seems someone is always hungry.)

3. A garden harvester/preserver. (I’m chained to my kitchen as the garden is coming in!)

4. A chauffeur for my daughter’s karate class. (I kind of already have that in two of my older sons. How about someone to grade her essays?)

5. Kids who listen. (Would it be tempting fate to ask for kids who listen AND do what they’re told??)

6. My own personal fully staffed dry cleaners. (#*&^%)

7. More time in a day.

8. An accountant to pay my bills. (The near freak-outs when I remember a bill due on it’s due date are getting old.)

9.  A coffee cup that’s always full. (and never gets cold) (also one that repels flies as winged bobbers are starting to hit my rage button)

10. A masseuse. (too little sleep + too many chores = a pain in the neck)


I bet if I had a couple of these wish-list items I might have a little gaming time. I can’t wait for Fall!



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