LotRO: Ranni the Hunter is level 65! WOOT!

Ranni the Hunter can no longer use her Derudh Stone! WOOT! When I heard about the double (100%) experience boost for five days I knew I wanted to level Ranni the Hunter up to level 65. My video card, however, overheated and we had to clean the corrosion off the board and reset its heatsink before it would work again. This also involved, because we didn’t understand exactly what was happening at first, installing Windows 7 on my computer after a format. You’d think the video card issue would have been immediately apparent but trust me when I say, it SO was not. Arg.

Either way, once I had my computer running again it took over a day to download LotRO again as my connection is crappy at best on most days. So I missed the first couple of xp boosting days. Still, I did get her to 65!

One of the first things I did was go to my vault to grab the ONLY level 65 bow I had, a couple xp runes I’d been saving and the legacies I’d grabbed off other weapons when deconstructing them. That’s when I saw that every single minor and major legacy I’d had taking up space in my vault for a bazillion years had a max level of 60. I was crushed! Nah, not crushed but very much surprised at my not noticing that before. ‘Twas a bummer, though.

I’d been waiting on starting the intro for Mirkwood because, in all honesty, I tend to suck at being a hunter. I wanted her over leveled a bit and figured level 65 would be a good starting point for me and my crummy hunter. And it was! I didn’t sail through it like I’d thought I would but I didn’t die either. I was out of the intro and had just picked up quests for Fallug when I saw this view.


I’d been playing long enough so that my view-scrolling capabilities were gone and I didn’t think to log out and back in. So Ranni the Hunter is in the picture. I’m standing on an edge of Amon Angened looking across the River Anduin at the Golden Wood. I was mesmerized for a bit, lost in thought comparing the differences in the feel, terrain and overall atmosphere of Lothlorien and Mirkwood. It really is an amazing contrast!

One of the last things I did was answer a mail from Elrond’s messenger about an important need to visit Rivendell. Elrond walked Ranni the Hunter around his library as he explained where the Grey Company were located, giving a little background on each Ranger. I’ve always liked this quest as seeing the Rangers pop to life in his study is just as neat as the dream sequences from V1 Bk 11 (?). I especially love that Candaith is peeling an apple in his apparition. My favorite, however, is Corunir and Golodir. Because I want that tower as a housing decoration item. STAT!

It doesn’t have to be that big but I wouldn’t want it scaled way down and sitting on an end table, either. Something taller than a hobbit at least! It’d be so completely awesome and I figure if Elrond can have one then so can I. Right? I’ve done more than my fair share of scuttle work for Rangers and numerous other NPCs (ahem … Elrond…) and feel it’s well earned.

Turbine, MAKE IT HAPPEN! …please…



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