LotRO: Surprise Jester

I’ve been trying to complete my Farmer’s Faire deeds on Ranni the Hunter and Condi. You have to do the drunken Hobbit quest three times and I’ve found it easier to just go to Lothlorien and scold the tipsy Elves as it gives credit for the Hobbit quest. Ranni the Hunter is done. (OMG, WOOT!) Condi, on arriving in Lothlorien, decided she wanted a different horse as the Treasure Laden one she’s been using has gotten a tad old. She opened her mount tab and started skimming, looking for through for a faster horse. When she saw one that had the 68% run speed she brought it out of her pocket stable and started across the bridge to wait for the Elves to pop up. She didn’t make it halfway across before she realized she’d never seen that horse before.

It was the Jester Steed!

I honestly do NOT remember getting this horse before giving up on picking flowers an hour every day. I’d resigned myself to the fact that the Jester Steed just wasn’t in the cards for me. I was ok with it, actually, but mostly because I just didn’t want to spend an hour picking flowers anymore. I looked at her atop her new mount and realized she had some SERIOUS clashing going on. She was still wearing the Spring Festival dress and, recently, added flowers for her hair via the Farmer’s Faire cosmetics. It’s a great outfit, beautiful! But her dress is dyed black and pink and looked horrible with the oranges and reds of the Jester horse. See?

I got around to finding her a more suitable outfit (can’t believe I’m really trying to match my outfits to my horse again! Gah, what’s happening to me??) today. I think this is (a no-sleeved) version of one of the very first dresses I ever wore in Middle Earth and I like the look. I paired it with her Cloak of the Cluck as I’m not real happy with the back of the dress. It’s not ugly, it just makes me feel as though she burst it down the seam and had to do a quick repair with straw while hiding behind a tree in the Old Forest.


Much better, don’t you think?



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