LotRO: Farmers Faire Fun (it’s not all bad!)

I’ve been looking forward to this Faire since I first read about it coming. Delaying it a week to take care of bugs meant, I thought, that we’d have a much less buggy festival. Ha. I’ve read the discussion on bugged vrs bad coding. Whichever it is, the drunken hobbit quest is annoyingly impossible so far. ‘Least, the times I’ve tried it anyway. Didn’t they say it would be like the Lothlorien Elves? If so, shame on you, Turbine. It’s SO not! (but should be!!)

I started the Faire with Ranni the Hunter and did not have any fun for a bit. I kept failing all the quests! I was about to suggest a rename for the Faire to “Farmers Frustratingly Fickle Faire” when I thought to check the forums and see what others were saying. That’s where I found the list of text for Mayor Whitford’s eating quest. I had to look in game to make sure he was actually speaking after eating as I hadn’t noticed it before. Thanks to the FLOOD of non-drunken hobbit party goers everywhere. What’s up with that?? There’s so many of them in such a small area it renders the chat window useless for the most part. I also failed the ‘market/grocery list’ customer quests the first couple of times I tried, all because I didn’t read the lists well enough to pick the right apples. BLARG!

I think once the newness wears off and there’s fewer people around (whoo_doggies! at the number of people in Bywater!) the faire will be a bit more fun. Or, at least, easier to finish.

Speaking of frustrating, why does everything cost so many tokens?

Ranni the Hunter didn’t earn many but she did get enough to by the golden chicken statue. I thought it’d be a little cuter or funnier than what it was but it’s not bad.

(click to enlarge)


I’d wanted to do the mushroom hunt at Farmer Maggot’s but didn’t realize I’d blown all my tickets doing the Egg Scramble at Sandson’s Farm. Ranni the Hunter was already so frustrated with the failing quests, the fishing quests (ugh, I’ve never had good “luck” in this game, not even during fishing festivals), the lag …. made me feel, overall, that I was a day late and a dollar short, so to speak, on everything. Still, I wanted to do the mushroom hunt so I brought Condi in. It was already passed my bedtime but I figured it wouldn’t take long.


Osbert, the NPC that takes your ticket and starts the hunt decided to go on an extended break after he took our tickets. I was waiting with a good-sized group of folks and nothing happened. I finally logged and went to bed after 15-20 minutes and figured I’d try again today. (I also put in a ticket on Osbert)

Today was a MUCH better day and I actually had a TON of fun. Note, I didn’t try the drunken hobbit quests, nor has Condi done the fishing ones, but I did the rest of them and loved it! I also made a nice little haul on tokens for a couple of hours run and got two more yard items from the barter vendor.

(click to enlarge)

A produce stall for JUST me!

(click to enlarge)

Ohhh, pretty! Love the Mushroom Ring!


And speaking of mushrooms, (anyone thinking of the ‘badger’ song? you’re welcome), I was finally able to do the mushroom hunt! The first run I failed after a couple of mushrooms and have no idea where the dog was when he spotted me. I ran it once more, however, and look what happened when I picked my last colorful mushroom.

(click to enlarge)

I’m standing on someone’s foot!


That was the cutest and best surprise ever! I only wish it lasted longer. I’d love to run around Bywater all tiny like! Is there a gag we can barter for that does this? I’d get TONS!





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  1. That mushroom ring is kind of neat, I guess I may have to log in after all though I need to wait a few days.

  2. I went back and did the fishing quests on Condi and got the Chicken Coop for my yard. I LOVE IT! Wish we could see eggs in the coop but I’m just being whiny. It’s an awesome deco!

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