The community is KING

I’ve stopped playing a game I really enjoy because the people (in general) on the server I was playing on sucked the fun right out of the game for me. Global chat was, in large part, mostly about whose appendage was bigger or better or …. There were way too many folks from the Tinfoil Hat Society playing on this server and everyone was suspect. Repeatedly. There was very little friendly banter with the enemy, something that makes a war game all the better in my opinion. If I’m on the battlefield I’m going to do my best to beat you to smithereens but once the battle is over I really love the high-fives and conversation with the people behind the pixels I was just fighting with. I think that in any game where you have to grind your way up, the community plays a big part in keeping the game fun. This server was full of folks I just wasn’t having fun with so I decided it’d be in my best interest to wait until fall to give it another try.

When school’s back in. Yes, I said it.

Anyway, the last few days I went back to Ministry of War, the browser MMO-RTS game in which I compare every other browser MMO-RTS to. When I stopped playing a year or two ago it was the actual game, an expansion to be specific, that killed it for me. I haven’t found a game since that I enjoyed as much as I had MoW so I decided to give it another go. I’ve had  a BLAST playing the last few days but I hadn’t had much time to devote to it. I decided to fix that today and get as much accomplished in game as I could.

And I did!

My house was a wreck after a big family weekend so I knew I had to clean it up. When I want to game but feel I shouldn’t until my house is clean I’ll log in to whatever game I’m playing and do a task. Then I’ll go do a chore in my house, then another task in game, then another chore, ….. and before long, my house looks decent and I’ve gotten quite a bit done in game as well. Win-win, no? I’d noticed there was something odd happening on the server I’m playing on but it’s been SOOOO long since I played this game, I passed it off. I figured there was a new mechanic or something that I wasn’t aware of and thought it best to ignore it. I was too excited at how many tasks I’d gotten done and how much closer I was to opening up my best fighting troops. No, I was over the moon and sported a big goofy grin most of the day. It’s been way too long since I’ve really been able to have a good gaming day as my son had his first baby a month ago and they live with us. Being a Grandma is awesome! And tiring! Then there’s the issue with my eye where I’ve lost my central vision in it and, well, gaming has had to go on the back burner for the most part. So today felt fantastic!

Right up until the announcement came through that they were going to have to roll the servers back a day. A DAY! The day I was able to get SO very much done! ARG!

Seems a group of folks found an exploit and abused the crap out of it. Now we all have to pay for their misdeeds. The odd thing I’d noticed going on, ALL DAY LONG, was them exploiting a game system I’m not familiar with so I don’t know exactly how they were doing it. I just know I’m irked at them for ruining what had been a great gaming day. The community erupted in anger at the announcement and the fighting was on. All it takes is a few bad apples and BLAM. The fun is gone.

On the upside, I’m only out a days work. I don’t know these people very well yet but I’m wanting to get back at it tomorrow and see if I can accomplish more greatness. I wish I had a wand so I could smack people upside their heads instantly help folks understand that in these grindy MMOs the community is king. If we are more mindful of others and work harder to get along, things could be so different. The community can make or break a server. They broke it for me in one game and have caused me to lose a day in another game.

Here’s to a better gaming day tomorrow.


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  1. Quit now. The game is a flaming mess. Snail has spent the last several months constantly breaking the game, then breaking something else with the fix. Customer service is practically nonexistant and cheating is so common its expected.

    • Yeah, have seen some of that. I’ve enjoyed my time there so far, though, as there’s always something to do. I haven’t gotten into any CZ battles yet and as much as I want to, I don’t have awesome gear and OMG at the thought of the grind to try and get it. Still, it’s been fun so far.

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