LotRO: Picking when to listen

I’m still feeling rather unsettled over the whole Rohan pre-0rder debacle. I’m glad they made the pre-orders more ‘worth it’ by adding the Turbine points and letting us know the instance cluster would be included in the pricing, but I’m not happy that they had to ‘make it right’. So to speak. I think loyalty has to be a big part of buying into a company’s offerings and I’m not feeling very loyal right now. That has to be earned, not given piece-meal once something flies in the fan. Turbine has been through this before, putting something out there that has enraged a good number of the community, heard the feedback and then offered either a better deal or explanations. I’ll give them some credit for listening but after a while, don’t you think they know when they’re going to push our buttons? They had to have known the original Rohan pre-orders would stir animosity towards them. Why didn’t they include the Turbine points in the original pre-order plans? Why didn’t they assure us the instance cluster would be included from the get go?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that they’ve made me feel that my value as a customer isn’t as high as the value of my wallet. I understand they are a business but when I think about the places I won’t take my money, based on how I’ve been treated or made to feel, I think back to Turbine and wonder why am I still wanting to play Rohan when they so obviously didn’t consider me as anything more than money. Maybe I’m a spoiled brat and that’s how it should be given they do HAVE to make money. Wouldn’t it go a bit easier, however, if they made the customers feel … considered as people? My favorite jobs are in customer service. I love to run the register at stores because I know that more often than not, I can make my customers feel appreciated. It’s something I not only do well but I strive to do more, especially when the frustration of a long hard day is written all over their face. They need to feel that someone cares even if it’s only for the few minutes it takes to ring up their shopping. Personally, if I’ve discovered that a cashier doesn’t give a rats about me, I don’t go back to their line. If I see this from most of the cashiers, I stop shopping there and go elsewhere.

Turbine showed they care somewhat but it was, again, after-the-fact. That’s where I have a problem with them. The community has never stopped telling them what we want, think or expect. I know Turbine listens, I’ve seen it way to many times to pretend it doesn’t happen. But here lately they listen after. They make it better after. There’s only so many times you can take an apology for the same basic thing and believe it. After awhile it just feels hollow, without any warmth.

I still REALLY want to play Rohan this fall but as of right now I have no intentions of buying the expansion until much later this summer. If at all. Can’t tell you how upsetting it is to feel this way towards a company I once considered family. Hoping I can get over that notion and get back to playing a game I truly love to play. Soon!


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