LotRO: Rohan pre-order dilemma

Well, it’s not really a dilemma for me personally. When Turbine announced Rohan was the next expansion I was so incredibly stoked! It still excites me, the possibilities, mounted combat, advancing the story, … When I heard that pre-orders got a 6th inventory bag, ohmywordsweetjesus I was over the MOON! Tonight I saw the pre-order packages and my heart fell. I won’t be getting the 6th inventory bag and this post is my way of making myself ok with that. I hope.

Rohan Pre-order package deals

The Legendary Edition looks nice! Very nice and it’s the only package that has the 6th inventory bag. It’s $69.99 USD and that’s just too steep for our budget. If I were to tell my husband I wanted it he’d first ask if we could afford it. When I’d say no, he’d then go take extra loads and stay on the road longer until we could without it hurting us. Thing is, that makes me feel bad and I hate it when he does that. He wants to be home with his family and we want him here, so I try not to ask for much. This man, when I told him I didn’t want to live in North Carolina any more or ever again made our home in Iowa happen. We moved 1200 miles across the country with four kids, a gassy dog and a cat with (gross alert) explosive and projectile diarrhea (only when the car was moving). And he didn’t complain because I’d told him that was what I wanted. That’s the kind of guy he is. He’d make sure I got the Legendary package if that’s what I asked for but I can’t justify $70 bucks (rather, an extra $30) so I can have an extra legacy on my weapon and another 15 slot bag. No matter how much I want them.

I’m also a little surprised at the price of the Legendary Edition. I know I didn’t spend that much when I pre-ordered Isengard but now that I think about it, I believe I only went with one of the cosmetic sets on my main account and then won the one that had them all on my second account. Was the price that steep for the big package last time? It it was, I honestly don’t remember. So this one feels a bit like gouging to me. I was also in major shock at the price for the big package for Guild Wars 2. At least with GW2 there aren’t any monthly fees but with LotRO, there can be. This is a first-look gut-reaction kind of thing and I could totally be off the mark here, but it feels like they’re doing what they’ve seen others do with the $70 bucks. I do remember knowing with Isengard I couldn’t afford the big package but I just don’t remember it being that expensive.

Anyway, the other big factor is a maybe. I have a problem with one of my eyes and won’t know until later this week if it’s fixable. Right now I’ve lost a lot of my vision in my left eye and am hoping like crazy the cause for it is very fixable and I’ll get that sight back. I have to understand that may not be the case and am currently feeling a bit too sorry for myself. So when I see that kind of sticker price on something I may not be able to fully enjoy because, well, I can’t half see, it reorders my priorities a bit. It’s speculative at this point but present enough for me not to ignore. It doesn’t make me want the 6th bag any less but it does cause me to think a bit differently about what and where I want to spend our money on.

Besides, I’m assuming the bag will be in the store at some point and if I have the points, … On the other hand, I’ve made it over five years with just five bags. We’ll see.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your eye, hopefully it’ll get better! I too am a bit disappointed with these prices. I had hoped they’d at least include some thousands of tp with the legendary edition like last time, but oh well. Rohan better be big.

  2. Thanks, Wallrush. And agree. TP’s would have helped with the pricing. Still feel it’s way to inflated (being nice). With horses and wallets and the like being so much, the exp pack pricing is just over the top. Wonder how many will get it….

  3. Hello flamingbard, I also have to say the Prize is Way too high for the Expansion. I’m thinking about just getting the small Package…

  4. The TP prices for Rohan content have been released. If you can get one of those double points offers between now and then you could buy pretty much everything in the big pack for TP in september for a much more reasonable sum including the bag the 25%xp token the content and the legacy thing. It’s just a matter of waiting instead of pre-ordering I reckon.

  5. I’m really really wanting to pre-order but I’m still not happy with the pricing at all. If I do get it will definetly be the basic package.

    No money to do any of the double points offers either. The biggest thing bumming me out right now is not being able to do the horse session play without getting the LE. That stinks, but other than that, I can wait on everything else.

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