LotRO: Almost color coordinated

I’d thought dying her Simbelmyne dress sea blue would make her the perfect match for the Simbelmyne horse. Close! I have a problem with one of my eyes and can’t see very well right now so what I at first thought was a perfect match isn’t. Still, I’m pretty happy with the look. I won’t be getting this horse on any other characters because it’s so girly. It’s well done and even neat looking, but I’d rather have a tough looking horse to ride into battle on. I’ve given up on getting Condi the Jester Steed. The problem with my eye is painful at times and gives me very blurry vision. Picking flowers for an hour a day just isn’t working out for me, as much as I really wanted that horse. The Spring Festival was fun but I’m done with it.


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  1. It’s really, really, really close to the darker green on the horse so I would call it a match.

  2. If I close my bad eye it looks a lot better, closer match. But with them both open, it flickers between hues.

  3. Nice horse and outfit. As for your eye, and have you gotten checked out for glaucoma? I just found out that I have angle closure glaucoma, and but there’s different types. Hope I don’t scare ya, I but better safe than sorry!

  4. Thanks and sorry for replying SO late!! I don’t have any of the macular degenerations or any type of glaucoma. My retinas are scarred (they think from a common fungus to the midwest, infection I passed off as bad headaches as I am very prone to headaches) and for some reason, my brain called for blood vessels to form to try and heal the scarring on my left retina. I have to get monthly eye injections now, hopefully not many but possibly for the rest of my life, to keep it from getting any worse. I’ve had 2 injections so far and the blood vessels are sealing up. Learning to deal with the loss of my central vision much better now. 🙂

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