LotRO: An hour a day keeps the alts away

So far I’ve only run Condi through the Spring Festival enough to get what I wanted for her. Tonight, finally, after waiting for FIVE whole years, she finally got the elusive (for me, anyway) Giant Flower!!

She actually scored two of them. She was so ecstatic she ran straight into the mess hall to pose for a picture. The only thing left that she wants is the Jester horse. I don’t imagine she’ll get one but I’ll faithfully log her in every day and pick flowers for an hour and see just how many tart recipes I can collect before she gets that horse. Or the festival ends. Whichever comes first. What I won’t be doing is picking flowers on all of my characters.

I would love to run Ranni the Hunter through to try for the horse on her, but really, who has that kind of time? Or maybe I should say patience? I don’t. As much as I want her to have that horse, or at least a shot at it, I’m not picking flowers on more than one character a day. Why didn’t they either increase the number of flowers you get from a patch of flowers or cut the number of flowers needed for a gift box in half? If we only needed three of each flower you could easily cut the gathering time limit down to just 30 minutes and still find enough flowers for 10 gift boxes, no? I wouldn’t mind running two characters through if that were the case.

Anyway, I’m super stoked I finally got the Giant Flower and am dreading sorting through my storage to clean it all out again. It’s amazing how fast things pile up on you in game. What with the Anniversary festival, skirmishing and now the Spring Festival, I’ve been cramming stuff where ever it would fit. ARG. Will have to sort it soon. Wish me luck!


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