LotRO: It’s all in the details

I couldn’t sleep, again, so Condi has her new Spring Festival horse. I knew what the Simbelmyne horse looked like before I got it and although I think it’s a neat looking horse, unlike the yellow one from last year (sorry, just not my thing) it still made me wish for more. More being the ability to dye the blankets and such on our horses.


Condi certainly isn’t clashing with the colorful horse but I would *love* it if I could dye the horse’s gear to match her outfit better. I think a grey dye would look totally awesome on the horse’s gear, no? I do like that the detailing between the horse and Condi’s dress look good together, but I still want more.

Speaking of, I don’t think I’ve ever taken the time to really look at the table beside the little Hobbit in Bree who gives you the ticket to go pick flowers. I did this morning and was pleasantly surprised at how cute it is.

It really is all in the details! That’s one of the reasons I love the Party Tree area in the Shire. It feels festive whether there’s a festival going on or not, and lends well to imagining all sorts of celebrations that could be held in such a setting. When I ride through the area I can almost smell the fresh baked pies and hear the giggles coming from young lads and lassies as they frolic under the colorful streams floating around in the breeze. This table also reminds me of the very first Spring Festival in LotRO. I’d gotten a secret admirer mail that had a Note of Affection attached to it. I’d asked in kin chat what it was about and everyone on assumed it was my then kin leader gifting me a token of his affection. It wasn’t until someone else in the kin, a guy, got the mail that they started to realize it was part of the festival. Funny memories! I also remember showing up for a dungeon run and having someone holler at me to equip my weapon and put my silly card away. I’d forgotten I was running around holding it. Heh. I wonder if you could ‘slay a mob with love’  using the Note of Affection if you have the fisty-cuff Man racial trait slotted … I know you can beat one to death with the fishing pole …

The only thing left from this festival that I’m REALLY wanting, other than the free awesome looking horse from the gift boxes, is that great big flower you can equip in your weapons slot. I’ve NEVER had one before in all the five years worth of festivals I’ve attended. If I don’t get that flower soon, I will cry.


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