LotRO: Spring Festival goodies!

I got up early this morning and hit the festival to see if I liked the cosmetics offered for Condi. OH MY WORD ARE THEY BEAUTIFUL! As soon as I saw them I traded in a bunch of Badges of Dishonor and went shopping. Here they are dyed black.

The Simbelmyne Cloak


The Simbelmyne Dress


The Simbelmyne Tunic


The Wide-Brimmed Spring with gorgeous detailing!


I also picked up the Elf and Dwarf Hedge lawn decorations.



The Simbelmyne Horse is a nice looking horse but I’m short one horse token (didn’t realize it would take 2 horse tokens or I would have gotten a 2nd one instead of more spring leaves…blarg) but I won’t get that until tomorrow. Still, I’m super happy with my new goodies! Condi’s been needing a new party look for a while but I hadn’t seen one I wanted for her until this festival. I picked up the maps offered as well so I only need two more before I can finish the Eriador Cartographile’s deed. Getting there, slowly! Off to earn more leaves!




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