LotRO: The cluck is king

I have always loved the chicken play quests you can do to earn the Cloak of the Cluck. They’re challenging and when you whizz by someone and they realize you’re not an ordinary chicken and follow you for a bit, that just makes my day. We did chicken play as a kin once and somehow managed to pick up a very nice kin as we made our way to Archet. They didn’t just follow us but protected us from the big mean wolves there around Archet. We’d wanted to see if we could peck a wolf to death and these wonderful people made sure we didn’t die while doing so, even though they didn’t know what we were doing. Personally, the longer I survive on a lvl 1 chicken in dangerous areas, the more I feel like Super Chicken. Or maybe King Cluck!


I decided to run the chicken quests on Ranni the Hunter the other day to get her most awesome Cloak of the Cluck. I never feel complete without having that cloak as an option and, in my not so humble opinion, it looks totally awesome with the white spring festival dress. (or is that a summer dress? the one that comes in blue, white and green?) Either way, I have the dress so I must also have the cloak. I ran around the Shire and talked to the animals to ask them about the chicken poaching wolves.

Next up was to talk to the animals in Bree. There are five animals in Bree you must visit: the cow on the roof in Buckland, Wink the cat in Breetown, Snooty the horse at the horse farm (forget if he has a name but he’s way to snooty to spend his precious time talking to a mere chicken), a squirrel on one of the islands on the lake in Nen Harn and the neeker in a cage, Sniken, out in the Midgewater Marshes. I had just one left to talk to, Sniken, when this happened.

I has food in my bags!

After talking to the grey squirrel I decided to go through the Weather Hills area to get to Sniken the neeker.  I knew when I decided to go this way that there was something in the back of my mind telling me not to. I ignored that nagging feeling and continued on my way, telling myself it was nothing. When I went around a blind corner and ran smack dab into a lvl 19 spider, I suddenly remembered I’d done the VERY. SAME. THING before, which is why I had that ‘don’t go that way’ feeling. /Sigh

I redid the quest and this time left the grey squirrel for last. I don’t think I’d ever tried to pick fruits on a chicken before but you totally can. You can’t use them for anything, but I like having stuff in my bags. It makes me feel like a chicken on a mission! (I R DORK) Hopefully I’ll have my cloak soon(ish) and when I get it, I’ll wear it on Ranni for forevah! Or until a new cloak catches my fancy.

Cloak of the Cluck

Pssst. I already have the Cloak of the Cluck on another character. Don’t tell Ranni!


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  1. I only ever completed the quest on my LM, had to have a friend escort me to Rivendell because of the stealthed lynxes; that was back in 2007. I rarely ever bring out the cloak, but it is in her inventory always and forever.

  2. I’ve done it on a few characters now. This Ranni still has the North Downs and Rivendell runs to make. I had to get a friend to help with the first run to Riven back then, too. Have made it solo on my others but thinking I might get my son to hop in on his champ and help this go round. My connection is so slow I’m not always seeing mobs far enough to dodge them soon enough to save my poor little chicken from a heart attack, lol.

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