LotRO: Too many second breakfasts

… make for a fat Ranni!

I logged into Ranni the Hunter to check her skirmish deeds. When I clicked on her name from the character select screen my eyes widened as soon as she came into view. I haven’t played her in awhile other than to run Anniversary festival quests. I’m fairly certain she’s been sneaking around the Shire in my absence eating up all the pies she can find. And I have proof, too. Here’s a comparison shot between Ranni the Fatone and my Burg, what’s her face.


Ranni is on the right with my little Burg on the left. Can we say thunder thighs? Her arms are remarkably skinnier than I remember them and paired with the extra tub around her middle, it’s striking! Here’s another view of the two.



Her svelte little arms aren’t helping her any, are they? I’m not upset some (not all, just some) of my hobbits are fat now. It’s funny! I made a few hobbit characters because when I’d run past a hobbit in game, I loved seeing how cute and short and ‘widdle’ they were. Ranni isn’t so widdle anymore! I’ve contacted Holly in Hobbiton and instructed her to make Ranni the Fatone run laps around the Methel Stage before she gets even a single slice of pie from here on out. Ranni is a hunter and is supposed to lithely wander the forest looking for vermin to pewpewpew into oblivion. She can’t now that she’s not so light on her feet. I fear she’ll be mistaken for a dwarf with her heavy thudding about!


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