LotRO: 5th Anniversary. Where’s my cake?!?

I’m late to the party but having a great time working my way through the festival. I’m loving the fireworks and the return of the ale fighting! I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed batting folks around. I’m using the ale fight as a way to earn tokens fast and have bought all the maps so far and the ‘You in a box’ cosmetic also. See?

I bet I know what’s in the present with me, too. My HAIR! ‘Cause it’s GONE! ACK! I suppose a bald Ranni the Hunter isn’t too bad. She’s kind of cute to be honest. But. Still. My hair! What’s a hobbit lass to do with no hair? Fast on me feet I realized how to fix it. I got the cake topper hat. Ah HA! Take that baldy!

Only …



Foiled again! Worse though as now I look like an aged hobbit dude who got his little hobbit hands on a bunch of henna. It’s one thing for the present box to steal my hair but this, THIS, this is another all together! So I’ve removed/hidden the cake topper hat and gone back to the bald look because I love running around in a big present complete with a bow and sunflowers. Heh. I’ve seen big people wearing the present and the cake together and they both show just fine. Us little people, however, have been shafted! The nerve!

I will wear my bald head proudly, though, and earn more tokens (MUST have the fireworks pony) and take part in more fireworks displays. This has been an awesome festival celebration. Happy birthday, Turbine!


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