Didn’t see that coming

It’s funny how fast you make friends in game when you find like-minded folks that are easy to chat with and fun to play with. I had a buddy in LoU that was my ‘best buddy’. We talked strategy all the time, tried to stay on top of who needed what in our alliance, made sure each other was up to date on what was going on and just had a great time playing together. Or, so I thought. He rage quit on me tonight. I didn’t see it coming. I picked up on something while we were talking about the days events and apologized for putting him on the defense as my intentions were to just discuss what happened and how we could fix it. Brainstorming. Only, he didn’t take it that way.  He made some accusations that left me reeling in shock and now I’m just so sad. He was the one in our group that I’d trusted so completely he knew all my stats, info that an enemy could use to hurt me.

Because I thought we were solid.

I’m wondering why it’s so hard to believe that a gal can not only pick up fast but do well (if you can call what I’m doing ‘well’) in an empire building/war game? I’ve been playing games like this for years and I absolutely LOVE them!! I’ve been very fortunate to be grouped up with top notch players and you can bet I learned as much as I could from them. The game I learned the most from was MoW, or rather, the alliance I was in while playing MoW. Was extreme and very aggressive play and they picked me up when I had JUST started the game. Knowing I was new they told me to build x amount of troops and once I did, to go sit in a contested zone and defend it. I did, too, go sit there with my troops. And when the battles came, I lost the zone for our entire country. I was so embarrassed I wanted to quit but they were quick to tell me a few things, one being that throwing me into the fire like that was the best way to learn fast. And I did. I’m addicted to that play style now. It’s fast, fierce and rewarding.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m an aggressive and assertive player. Having leadership experience, I tend to step into it and run, too.

I think that’s what I did wrong with my buddy. He didn’t believe I was a new player. I don’t know how to convince him either. I do learn fast because I really love games like this and don’t want to do anything half-hearted. Most of these types of games have the same basic principles and when I told him that he was quick to say he’d played a lot of them, too. He sounded like he found me threatening in some way but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how. We were a team and that’s how I saw it.

Maybe it’s because I don’t always hold back on sharing my opinions. My husband has told me I have the tact of a falling brick sometimes. In a game if you aren’t using a voice app, you’re stuck with trying to read people based on text. My bluntness may have been misunderstood. Or maybe he was upset over the days events and took it out on me? I dunno. All I knew was that I didn’t want to have to defend me being a gal with my play style, being new to this particular game, or whatever else he was trying to accuse me of. I was surprised and embarrassed at how he made me feel. It’s a game, after all, right? Yeah, it is. But I thought he was my buddy, not just text in the chat window or pixels on the map. Really hate that he quit the server. Going to miss talking to him every day.

Games like Lord of Ultima aren’t for everyone. They take time to build your empire, your armies. You will lose your armies and have to rebuild them. Getting in with the right group of people absolutely makes the game. You have to be able to depend on your team and they have to be able to depend on you. And you find yourself making friends with the oddest assortment of folks. You look forward to them logging in every day, the random goofy chatter and you relish and celebrate your pixellated glories with them. They have some of the coolest dynamics I’ve seen because it all happens so fast. It just clicks and off it goes. (once you’re in the right alliance I should say) That’s why it sucks to lose one. Really does feel like losing a friend.



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  1. That whole experience that you’ve described is probably the number one reason why I’m no longer social when I play games 😦 It always feels too personal when people leave/move.

  2. Moving on isn’t as bad as a rage quit, but yeah. Sucks either way sometimes. Part of the reason I play is for the social aspect. Love getting in with a good group of folks.

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