Lord of Ultima: City building away

What I loved most about the Sims was building. Well, that and the doorless room with a rocket launcher approach to making a grave yard! I didn’t much care for the social needs of my sims. I’d rather spend my time building elaborate mansions, small cottages, apartments, … I love building period. That’s one of the reasons I play these empire building war games while the other, of course, is being able to lay waste to a buttload of enemy troops. I’ve played some where you have a build queue of only two slots worth. That sucks donkey balls in a big way but you learn to live with it or you leave for greener build queues. Lord of Ultima has a very generous build queue with six slots. I still complain about the time sink involved in building your empire as, even with six slots, it feels like it takes forever. It’s amazingly generous, however, in this age of cash-shop pushing free to play games.

You have to build up your resource supply to get anywhere just like most other browser mmos I’ve played. Here you build woodcutter huts around forest nodes and boost production with saw mills and cottages. Stone requires quarries around the stone nodes and stone masons to boost (cottages boost wood, stone and iron production). Those are your two resource needs in building your actual city: wood and stone. They cover both buildings and city defense structures. Iron, another resource, is needed for certain troop types (others require wood) while food is needed to feed your troops, else they depart for more verdant pastures. I’ve yet to grow past the need for just a couple of farms and a mill per city yet.

Your starter city is where ever the map gods put you. Once you’re ready to found your next city you can put it anywhere, land locked or on a river. It’s still early stages for me so I’m keeping my ‘hood close together with no one city more than an hours travel time away. Quicker travel times help you cart resource supplies to your new city faster. Who doesn’t want to build that bad boy up fast! Fast is relative, of course, but luckily you get six build slots in this game.

Another thing I really like about city building is city shape. As you go up in city score (based on the level of your buildings and fortifications) your city will change its shape appearance on the map. When you first start out your city is tiny and square, not much to look at like the one in the above picture at the bottom right. When you reach 5000 in score your city becomes round in shape. I’m not sure when you switch from just round to the ’round with a little round city inside it’ look, but I have that on one of my cities. I’m close to getting a third city to the round shape. I LOVE that! When you castle a city it changes to an octagonal shape making it easy to spot and stand out on the region map. Right now, in my still-a-noob look at the game, I see city shapes as part of the reward for building better cities. It’s not but I like to pretend it is. Maybe I’m just easily amused …

Gotta check my build queues and see who needs what. …I like to build it build it, I like to build it build it …



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